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Interactive Virtual Magic Show For Zoom Parties

The Cyber Magician is a professional virtual magician who performs at online private parties and events. For over 2 years, Duncan has been performing his virtual magic show for companies and individuals around the world. As a result, you are guaranteed to be hiring one of the most exciting and contemporary performers around.

Are you looking for something special that will really blow your guests socks off? Sit back and relax for 35-40 minutes of contemporary magic that will keep your guests entertained from start to finish. This show is guaranteed to be different from any other online show you may have seen before. It’s like pressing the red button on your TV. It’s a wholly interactive experience that is perfect for all ages.

Whether you have been tasked with finding some incredible online entertainment for your team event, or looking for something fun and innovative then this could be the option for you. Duncan’s online magic show is perfect for a company social event, birthday party, anniversary or private or work celebration.



“Duncan’s show kept everyone mesmerised for the full show. This really made my husband’s 40th birthday party special! I would highly recommend Duncan’s services to anyone wanting some entertainment to spice up their online parties or meetings. His show was way more special than I could have imagined and I’ve had so many messages from the guests asking for his details!”

Jane Goodridge 


“Wow! An incredible show delivered professionally to over 30 guests. The magic Duncan performed was astonishing! This was not just a magic show filmed over Zoom but an act completely tailored to an online audience. The gasps were audible as well as visible and even converted some of the most sceptical members of our group. We would not hesitate to recommend Duncan to any other organisations.”

Richard Pritchard


What can you expect from a Virtual Magic show?

You can expect the unexpected! The interactive show is 35-40 minutes in length and both really interactive (if you want to take part) and really good fun. You will experience some things you have never seen before and some things that you will never see again. Each show is completely different as the stars are you! No show is the same. There is of course a structure but the choices are all yours.

This is what makes the show such a dynamic and engaging show and why Duncan is rehired time and time again. Some of the routines actually happen in your own hands! The show is completely family friendly too so there is nothing blue or filthy in there. Whilst it’s not a show for children it is suitable for younger eyes and ears.

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Why hire Duncan as opposed to another other Virtual Magician?

Duncan is recognised one of the worlds’ leading iPad and digital magicians. As a result, his ability to integrate Zoom and other technology into his performance was pretty second nature. Duncan is a British performer too, so if you like many others are based in America or other countries, this is the perfect opportunity to experience an elegant contemporary British performance. With over 15 years experience performing as a full time wedding magician you can also expect a highly polished professional act to complement a jaw dropping show.

Many amateur magicians have used the virtual or online world to allow them to perform magic in front of audiences they would not normally have had access too. Their experience may not be quite as high as a full time professional. That is not to say these amateur magicians are not good but you can be assured that you will receive that extra level of professionalism and high quality show born out of years of working with event organisers and companies.

What makes Duncan’s Virtual Magic Show different to others?

Duncan has not just taken his live show or performance and shoe-horned it into an online experience. This show is a completely re-designed, re-scripted and re-engineered show for an online audience. You won’t be watching 35 minutes of coin and card tricks but some bespoke, customised, interactive magic and mind reading for you and your friends and colleagues to participate in.

If you saw any of Duncan’s live in-person show, the chances of seeing any of this material live and in person is very slim. This show has been completely adapted to Zoom or any video communications platform. It takes advantage of the technology and the opportunities provided by digital or remote settings.

Each show is completely different too! Because the guests and audience are so integral to the show, the outcomes, revelations are all different so if you have seen Duncan once before it is highly likely that the second time you see his show it will completely different moments of surprise than you would have seen before. That’s not to say this is an improv show. Far from it. This is a professionally scripted and produced show to maximise the number of laughs and gasps from you are your friends, family members or work colleagues.

What kind of events is the Show suitable for?

Duncan’s online show has been devised to be as flexible to all kinds of online events. He regularly performs his show for birthday parties, anniversaries, celebrations and family get-togethers. Duncan is also a busy corporate performer. He has performed his show for the likes of Ernst and Young, Deloitte, Procter and Gamble, Coca Cola, Capital One and Mars to name a few. When he is hired to perform for corporate clients they have a much more diverse range of events that Duncan tailors his show for.

He is most commonly hired to perform his  show for team events within the larger organisation. These could be to reward staff success or to bring the team together in a fun, light hearted manner. He is also hired to perform at award ceremonies or on online networking events and conferences. Christmas of course is a busy time and is the many party season for most companies and businesses. Here he is regularly hired to perform at Christmas party events within each organisation. Companies have also hired Duncan to perform at their conferences and even on their virtual trade shows.



Duncan’s most popular booking is his 35-40 minute interactive show. Some of the routines involve everyone tearing up four playing cards, shuffling them up, throwing some away and keeping some in a series of impossible decisions resulting in a mind blowing outcoming.

This really sets the scene for a fun, laughter filled party or event. Other routines include divining what someone is merely thinking of, accurately predicting what someone has just drawn and never shown anyone as well as many more feats of wonder to bring laughs and gasps to everyone!

This is a family friendly show with nothing blue or filthy in it meaning that if you have some young guests in attendance this will be suitable for their ears. Whilst this is certainly not a children’s magic show, ages 9 years old and upwards will certainly appreciate the magic and mystery as much as the adults!



If you are looking for something even more special than Duncan’s 35-40 minute show than the 1 hour show will be perfect. The performance itself is slightly longer with some additional exclusive routines that Duncan keeps exclusive to the longer show to preserve their exclusivity. On top of that Duncan share, divulges and teaches some incredible routines out of his online show that you can perform in your next zoom call.

He also teaches some routines out of his live stage show. These are not just card or coin tricks but professional grade routines which you are guaranteed to have a go at performing yourself.

In fact, if you feel inclined you can take centre stage and perform in front of everyone one of the routines Duncan shares. The one hour show is an extremely special show indeed and with the added bonus of learning some mind-blowing miracles!


How many guests can I invite?

Duncan’s preferred platform to perform on is Zoom. It is the most commonly used and is the most user friendly. Zoom is the perfect format for all manner of parties and celebrations. Duncan’s account allows you to invite 99 guests to the party. For most events and celebrations this will be more than enough. For some corporate clients they invite this number of guests and sometimes more. Whilst this is certainly still manageable and lots of fun, it is better to split larger groups down into smaller teams. The sweet spot is between 5 and 25 screens.

You can of course have more people of each screen but this is just a loose recommendation.

In smaller groups the show can often have more energy. This is often the result of impromptu banter than which is sometimes restricted on a large number of screens. The reason for this is when you have smaller group sizes you can leave everyone’s microphone on. This allows everyone to interact verbally. You can hear the laughs and gasps more audibly. With groups where screen numbers are higher than 25 it is generally preferable to mute everyone. This is to ensure that background noise is eliminated such as talking children, dogs barking, someone washing up or general background ambient noise or echoes.

As a result the energy is not quite as high for the show as you can’t hear other people laughing, gasping or applauding. That said Duncan does leave a few mics on to get a bit of noise and energy. Even so, it’s not quite the same as if everyone is able to hear one another.

What formats do you perform on?

There is no denying it that Zoom is the most popular and easy to use of all the video communication platforms. It’s accessible for everyone. Unless you are a professional (where the paid version is preferable) Zoom is free. Zoom serves 99% of people 99% of the time.

However, for some corporate clients they are more familiar with Microsoft Teams of Google Meet or WebEx. These video communication platforms certainly have their advantages. Indeed they are very popular within corporate industries. However, they do have some seriously debilitating features for external performers or clients – in that they offer no functionality.

Duncan has worked with the tech teams of both Coca Cola and Ernst and Young. He found that if you do not belong to the organisation hosting the event then as an external supplier you can only join, present or perform and leave. There is no functionality to mute participants, spotlight, receive private messages or even secure administrator rights.

In order to deliver an extremely high quality show that Duncan’s clients are used to, working on Microsoft Teams or other video communication platforms seriously compromises that.

That said, there is a work-around. What several clients have done in the past have run their team meeting for 3 hours. They may start with introductions and presentations on their own platform. After that they then join Duncan’s Zoom invite. Everyone comes over at once at the specified time meaning that everyone is punctual. This means that you will get the maximum length of show possible. At the end of the show, your Teams or WebEx meeting will still be running so your team members simply hop back onto that platform.

This has worked smoothly and elegantly each time. It also ensures that you receive the highest quality show from Duncan. Not only that but you don’t have to worry about handing over administrator rights and anything else that makes it feel a little clunky.



What is the booking process?

If you have decided to secure Duncan’s services to perform at your event he will send you a pre-booking email which requests a few details such as your preferred times, contact details and event details. Once confirmed, he will send you a booking confirmation email together with the all important Zoom link for you to share with your friends, family or colleagues. He will also send you some requirements for the show such as bring a pad and paper and will also send you an invoice and payment details.

You are more than welcome to pay in full prior to the show or immediately after. For corporate clients Duncan works with the booker or finance team to discuss the payment schedule. Then sit back and relax and wait with anticipation to the big day. On the day, you simply click on the Zoom link (no need to download Zoom) and then Duncan will bring everyone in from the waiting room for 35-40 minutes of fun and mystery.

Does Duncan perform his show for all time zones in the UK and America?

Prior to the pandemic Duncan performed regularly in America. As a result he has a wide range of corporate clients who have secured his services to perform his act. Duncan also understands that you may have members of your team dotted around the world. As a result, he will work with you to ensure  timings fit with everyone. As a full time professional, you could say Duncan is a 24 hour magician.

He can work to accommodate your needs. Whether you hire him for Eastern Time, Pacific Time or Greenwich Mean Time Duncan can tailor his schedule to meet your needs.

If you have team members in New York, San Diego, California, Texas, Los Angeles or even in Australia, the UK or further afield Duncan specialises in entertaining truly international audiences. He can also work with your team to create a bespoke and customised package if required. Duncan has performed for American companies such as Coca Cola, Microsoft, Capital One, Nike and as soon as lockdown finishes if you wanted to watch some live magic, then it’s well worth visiting the Magic Castle, in California.

How much does it cost to hire Duncan?

Whilst Duncan does have fixed prices for his performance, there are some variables based on the length of show. This depends on whether you choose the 35-40 minute option or 1 hour show. The other variable factor will be whether you require any customisation work or bespoke routines. Examples of this kind of work include the magic created for eBay in the video above. You can get in touch with Duncan to check his availability or pricing below:


Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly is a virtual magic show?

A virtual magic show is a live, online, interactive experience performed online through Zoom, Microsoft Teams or WebEx. The show can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home or office.

Who is the performance suitable for?

The show is suitable for all ages. This is a family friendly show. It is certainly not a children’s magic show as for many young children, the world is still magic. However, if you have children in attendance above the age of 9, they will thorough enjoy it too. The show is perfect for all the family as well as an international audience.

How long does the show last?

Duncan offers two show lengths. The first is between 35 and 40 minutes and the second is one hour in length. You can choose your preferred option and these times can even be customised further. Duncan has built the show in a modular format in that the act can be broken down into 5 minute chunks. So if you were wanting just a 5 minute piece to amaze the audience then this is perfect.

How many people can attend the performance?

You are more than welcome to invite as many guests as you want to the show with the sweet spot being between 5 and 25 screens. You can of course have more people on each screen. Duncan regularly performs at events with over one hundred guests and sometimes with even 1000+ guests in attendance. Get in touch with Duncan to discuss your requirements and how he can tailor his act for your event.

Is the show always performed over Zoom?

Zoom is the most popular platform for many reasons. It’s easy to understand and use, it offers all of the functionality required for all kinds of events and you don’t need to download any software. That said, Duncan can perform on a number of other platforms and also recommends Remo as an excellent virtual networking platform.

Does Duncan perform in America?

Duncan is regularly hired to perform as a virtual magician in America. He has performed for clients from Los Angeles, Washington, New York, Seattle, Texas, San Diego, Houston, California and Arizona. He works with clients from different time zones. He has been hired for some of America’s most recognisable brands including Nike and Coca Cola.

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Virtual Magician
Virtual Magician

What will you experience during the Virtual Magic Show?

Since the evolution of live in-person magic shows, performers have attempted to create their act online, virtually. Some have made that transition seamlessly and their virtual magic shows having be wowing audiences around the world since the pandemic began. Some have taken their live act and have simply started performing it behind the camera instead of on a stage. Others, like Duncan have created, devised, scripted and produced a brand new show completely customised to online audiences. As a result, Duncan has been able to embrace technology to make things possible which had never been possible in the live setting. His customised Virtual Magic Show has also been adapted to connect with his audience. You can expect a wholly interactive experience.

1. You will experience some things you have never seen before and some you will never experience again.

Duncan’s virtual magic show is unique to him. This is not just a collection and magic tricks you may have seen online already or that you can buy from a shop. Sure, there may be the odd one that has inspired him for the show but these were only ever intended for live, in-person magic. The virtual magic show that Duncan has built is likely to end once the pandemic is over and live events return. As a result you will experience some magic and mind reading you will not only have never experienced before but that you will never experience again. Even then, Duncan’s show is constantly evolving so no two shows are ever the same. With such a unique and bespoke show, even if you have experienced magic before there is no chance you will have experienced anything like this before. These are not just card tricks performed in front of a camera, but routines, magic and mind reading that happens in your hands and your mind from the outset of the show.

2. Connection

When Duncan performs his live shows, one of the most important considerations he makes is whether the particular routine he is working on will connect with the audience. This makes for the most memorable of shows. Perhaps the most difficult challenge that Duncan first faced when he was devising his virtual magic show was whether he could still connect with his audience. After 3 months of development and ongoing evolvement, Duncan has managed to do just that – connect with his audience in a fun, engaging and memorable way. Some of the routines actually happen in both the hands and the minds of those who take part. Duncan’s warm, approachable and friendly demeaner allow him to connect with audiences of all ages. His show is a family friendly show with nothing blue or taboo scripted in. This means that if you have hosting a corporate event and some of your guests bring their children then they will enjoy the show just as much as the adults.

3. Laughter

This is a fun show, with moments of poignancy. Alongside the memorable magic and jaw dropping feats of wonder you can expect lots of laughter and giggles. The fun and laughter comes from Duncan’s playful nature as well as the freedom of the participants. There is no muting of participants in this show, unless there is a lot of noise. This means the show is a lot more organic in its nature and the giggles often come from the interaction of the guests. Of course Duncan includes some comedic elements into the show to keep it light hearted and entertaining and you can be assured of plenty of laughs and gasps throughout!

4. In-person experience

This virtual magic show is an in-person experience. You’re involvement is both welcomed and unnecessary. Whilst there is a format to the show and it has been loosely scripted and has high production quality it still requires your involvement. There is nothing silly or embarrassing but by getting involved in the show means you with have a much deeper and rewarding experience. This is not just a virtual magic show where you can switch you camera off and watch someone doing sleight of hand. You may be asked to think of a colour, your favourite place in the world or make certain choices. By getting involved, encourages others to do the same. It’s the same as going to a country. Whilst it may be enjoyable to watch a TV documentary about a country you would love to go to, nothing quite beats actually visiting and experiencing it yourself. Sure, it may be a bit more effort but the effort is wholly rewarded. This is the same as the virtual magic show. By getting involved, means you will have a much more and enjoyable immersive experience.

5. You will experience some incredible sleight of mind and sleight of hand

In live settings, you may be able to experience some of Duncan’s incredible sleight of hand. Often this is so invisible, you may not even know that any sleight of hand has taken place. This is one of the abilities of a sleight of hand magician. As a virtual magician, Duncan uses sleight of mind a lot more to create a compelling and immersive show for the whole audience. Some of the sleight of hand in the show, you will experience yourself. That’s right. You will experience the sleight of hand magic right in your own hands where you make all of the choices. It sound unbelievable but its true. Many people around the world have also experienced some incredible magic happening both in their hands and in their mind all through the medium of the Zoom. In Duncan’s one hour show, he even teaching some of this incredible sleight of hand and sleight of mind you can do in your own lives too, to impress your friends if you are on a Zoom call with your friends and family. This is easy to do magic but incredible nonetheless. In fact some of the magic Duncan teaches in this hour long show features in his virtual magic show – so you can appreciate the high quality that it is!