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Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) related to The Cyber Magician

These are the booking terms and conditions for The Cyber magician. Any individual or corporation undertaking contractual business with the Artiste, with a stage name of the Cyber Magician, assumes full acknowledgment of these terms, without exception.


The “Artiste” means The Cyber Magician.

The “Client” means the individual or company by whom the booking is being made.

The “Booking” means the specific reservation of the Artiste’s services, for a particular event, to be held on a particular date, by the Client.

The “Contract” means the agreement which will be sent as a booking confirmation – including all of the temporal, financial & logistical arrangements – made between the Booker and the Artiste, in relation to the Artiste’s Services for the function specified.

The “Booking Form” means the document – electronic or hard copy, or both – which formally details and consolidates the Contract made between the Booker and the Artiste.

The “Date” means the specific day, reserved for the Artiste’s services, by the Client.

The “Services” means the actual presentation(s) and/or performances(s) delivered by the Artiste.


The specific date requested by the Client is provisionally held by the Artiste until the necessary deposit has been fulfilled and cleared. If a deposit is required, the performance date can only be held for a maximum of 6 days without receiving deposit unless otherwise agreed. Should the fulfilment of the deposit not be consummated within this time, the pertaining date automatically becomes available to other clients, without liability to the Client.

All bookings are subject to contractual agreement between the Artiste and the Client. It is required that the Contract is agreed to by both the Client and the Artiste.

All bookings remain provisional until the Contract has been agreed to by the Client.


An initial deposit may be required for booking the Artiste. The specific amount will vary from between 25% to 50% of the Artiste’s total performance fee. Under certain circumstances, the full performance fee is required in advance.

The deposit paid by the Client is non-refundable.


Payments, for both the deposit and the balance, are required to be paid via BACS transfer, cheque Paypal or Cash. Invoices, for the deposit and the balance, will be issued to the Client, respectively.

The deposit must be paid within 7 days of the provisional agreement. The balance, in cleared funds, is required by or on the booking date. Under extenuating circumstances, and formally agreed – the final amount can be paid no later than 14 days after the performance date. Failure to do so will incur a daily charge levied at £5 per day for late payment. This will be added cumulatively to the bill.

The Artiste has the right to request full payment on the date, before commencing any services. All payments are required in Pounds Sterling.


If in the unlikely event the Artiste feels threatened or in danger in any way, the Artiste has the right to leave the event without providing full Services.

The Artiste has the right to hand out promotional material on a Booking Date, unless specified otherwise by the Client.

The Artiste will need to be at the venue at least 15 minutes prior to the event. The Artiste will require at least 1 parking space for the duration of the event. If the Client is aware of any parking restrictions, such as residents parking, pay and display, or time limits please advise the Artiste when booking your event. If parking is not near your house or venue we will also need to unload/load before and after the event.

It is the responsibility of the client to make provision for the artiste to change, and provide the necessary performance area if requested.

The safety of all guests is the sole responsibility of the policy holder, who must be 18 years or above. 1 adult should be present at all times during the Services provided by the Artiste.


The Artiste is public liability insured and takes the utmost care to ensure the safety of all event guests, the Artiste will only use high quality products and follows strict hygiene routines.

Liability cannot be taken for reactions or injury sustained whilst attending an event or thereafter.

All allergies, ailments, infestations or viruses of guests or clients, which may affect the event in any way, must be reported prior to the event date. The Artiste cannot accept liability for actions outside of the Artiste’s control to include hazards/dangers within the home or chosen venue.

The artiste can also conduct a further risk assessment if required.


In the event that the Client decides to cancel the Booking, the Client is required to notify the Artiste, via email, immediately. As a result of such, the Client will forfeit the deposit paid. Additionally they will be liable to pay cancellation charges as follows:

i) Cancellation over 60 days prior to the Event Date: No Fee

ii) Cancellation made 30-59 days prior to the Event Date: 25% of Total Invoice

iii) Cancellation made 15-29 days prior to the Event Date: 50% of Total Invoice

iv) Cancellation made less than 15 days prior to the Event Date: 100% of Total Invoice


In the unlikely event that the Artiste is unable to deliver the agreed service of entertainment, the Artiste shall endeavour to provide an entertainer, of equal standing to the Artiste, to serve as a replacement. Should this not be possible, all monies paid by the Client shall be returned. Following the reimbursement of these funds, the Artiste shall have no further liability to the Client in relation to any part of the Contract.

The entirety of these terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Great Britain and Wales. Any disputes are subject to the full jurisdiction of English law, without exception.

If you have any questions about this Agreement, please contact the Cyber Magician through his website contact page.