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Tech Magician

Duncan William, Tech magician has been performing as a technology magician for many years. Primarily, his act fuses classic sleight of hand with a clever use of  technology. Above all, this creates a truly unique, cutting edge and bespoke art form.

Talking to somebody on the other side of the world used to be seen as magic. Now it’s simply making a phone call. Watching monkey’s play in a Sumatra jungle in your own living room, for instance, could have once been perceived as witchcraft. Now it’s simply watching T.V.

However, there are some things today which still remain magical. If you see Duncan pull a tennis ball out of the screen of an tech device. Now this is tech magic. If you watch him pull £50 notes out of an mobile phone; this is highly visual magic combining technology with illusion. But it’s not just about pulling things out of mobile devices or androids or putting things in. Above all, Duncan’s tech magic really needs to be seen to be believed. If you told someone they could talk to their friend on the other side of the world, they wouldn’t believe it until you put the telephone in their hand.

Technology Magician

Hiring Duncan as a tech magician is the perfect idea for your event to demonstrate your innovative mindset. Using a magician who combines traditional magic techniques with technology is an art form that few people will have witnessed before. Above all, this will make your event extra memorable and you as the booker, being congratulated for hiring a unique act that can wow, dazzle, and amaze.

Hiring the worlds leading technology illusionist has to be the most considered choice. Why? Well you have had the foresight to explore something unique, innovative and cutting edge, but as with anything there is sure to be imitators. But hiring one of the original pioneers of this craft will ensure you are getting the very latest cutting edge, innovative combination of technology and magic.

Combine this with Duncan’s warm, friendly and approachable personality and your are ready to take your event to the next level. Not only that but Duncans’ extensive coding skills allows him to create innovative and bespoke tech magic tailored to your company, party or event.

“Unbelievable tech magic! He made predictions, pulled out balls, money, business cards and lights. Astonishing and highly visual. Book him now!

What is tech magic or a technology magician?

Tech magic or a tech magician combines classic sleight of hand and the traditional skills of a mind reader and fuses them with technology to create a truly mesmerizing, engaging and interactive tech magic experience.

In other words, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. 

Duncan customised his apps for our event. Using our logos and promo material he performed some incredible technology magic for us. 100% recommended!”

How much does a tech magician cost?

A traditional professional magician costs somewhere in the region of £450-£1,000. Therefore, a tech illusionist, dependent on their ability can fit inside of that bracket too. However, there may however other costs involved if the client was looking at something more bespoke for their event. Duncan offers a number of bespoke or custom tech magic packages. For instance, these can combine the key messages, unique selling points and branding of the client or company. As a result, dependent on the level of customisation required, some elements can be integrated at no extra cost.  More bespoke options may need more time to code from scratch.

You will, however, be left with something truly unique and memorable. Moreover, this will be entirely synonymous with your company or event. Get in touch with Duncan to see how he can meet your requirements and combine both technology with magic to make a truly compelling live act for your event!

tech magician

Hire Duncan for your event. Be congratulated on hiring some innovative entertainment:

Hiring tech magician Duncan William for your event is extremely easy. Follow the contact the cyber magician button at the top of the page and fill out the contact form, give him a call or drop him an email. Above all, Duncan aims to reply within the hour and be able to talk you through availability, a no-obligation quote, and how he can customize his act for your event.