Online magic show. The Cyber Magician has been performing as an online magician for many years. He combines classic sleight of hand with digital magic and mind reading. This is a 100% interactive show.

online magic show


Here are 7 reasons why you should hire an online magician for an online magic show.

1. THE PERFECT WAY TO EXPERIENCE A PARTY:  With Corona virus causing many people to self-isolate it has meant that parties, anniversaries, weddings, and celebration has been put on hold. People have been holding parties in their own homes with just themselves as the party goers. However, we are social animals who still love to interact and have one. One of the best ways to get round this is to bring the entertainment into peoples homes.

There are many acts available but hiring an online magician to give you a performance is the perfect option. More often, shows are static. If you want to watch a band, they perform to you. Whilst you can dance around in your living room it’s never quite the same experience. This is where online magic on virtual mind reading comes in. It creates an experience! Our experiences since lock down have been focused around the TV and more often than not, the weekly quiz. Now is time for something new!

2. EXCITEMENT AND INTRIGUE: Quizzes are getting a bit old hat not. Where quizzes were once immense fun, after 12 weeks of quizzing and, the novelty has potentially worn off. We still want to have the interaction with others and feeling of community and this is where an online mind reading show comes in. Duncan will you his wizardry to tell you secrets about you that you have never shared with anyone. Equally play an unbelievable game where you can make all the choices, only to find out that Duncan had predicted them all before hand. This kind of show, has the same excitement and intrigue as a quiz but takes us a more mysterious and fun journey.

3. NEW AND INNOVATIVE You will no doubt be experiencing something new and innovative. Duncan has always maintained high standards for his work and his online magic and mind reading show is no different. After 3 months in development – Duncan has now written and produced a show he is genuinely proud of. Not only that, but it is something, that hopefully you will love. All of this material is brand new and innovative, and only been shown to a select few. It’s perfect if you are wanting something new and exciting to spark excitement and intrigue in your family.

4. FUN FOR ALL AGES The show Duncan performs is a family show. There is nothing blue. That said, it is for teenagers and upwards. (not really for smaller children) This means it is perfect for the family. There are very few acts or performances in the world of entertainment that are able to both connect with the whole audience and be family friendly too. Duncan has tailored his act so every single routine involves YOU the audience! This means that whether you are having a family party, work event, or other celebration you can be guaranteed that everyone will be able to join in and have fun.

5. GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY Understandably people are a little bit more cautious of where their disposable income goes at the moment of uncertainty. Duncan is a world class performer and has performed his digital magic and mind reading to some of the world’s leading brands and companies. As this show doesn’t have to take into account any travelling expenses, sound checks, rehearsals  and other factors which contribute to the success of a live show, Duncan can perform his close up online, zoom or virtual show for a fraction of the cost of his normal show.

6. TOTALLY RELAXED Even if you went to see a theater show, or see Duncan perform at a corporate event or wedding, more often than not, you can never be truly relaxed. Most people are often on their best behavior. Generally people can’t eat and drink what they want when they go out and are given set choices. You could find yourself sat next to someone you aren’t too keen on or they may be an off-putting whiff of something in the air.

Not with an online magic or mind reading show. Here you can sit in your own home, on your own sofa, eat and drink and where what you want and ultimately feel much more relaxed. You will be with the exact people and friends you have chosen to be with and if you do smell that whiff – you know its got to be either you or your partner 😉

7. KNOW THAT THERE ARE NOW STOOGES. This show is perfect for those who are deemed as at risk. As a result, they can no longer can leave their homes. However, they may still want to connect and have fun with their families. Equally so, if you are part of a team that works remotely or have family members who live in different countries, this is another great way to bridge distances. It’s the perfect way to have a shared brilliant experience without having to travel. This is so much more than just watching something on TV. This is 100% interactive so you know there can be no stooges, confederates and camera trickery.

Duncan can be hired as your online magician for an online magic show. He can be booked to demonstrate his mind reading skills over the virtual or zoom format. If you are interested, then get in touch on Prices start from £55.