The Cyber Magician is America’s leading virtual magician. He is best know for performing his incredible virtual magic show. This is a 100% interactive show which mixes magic and mindreading into a truly compelling show. The Cyber Magician has been performing his incredible show over Zoom, Microsoft Teams and WebFX. He has performed his online magic show for a range of brands, clients and companies all over America for the past year and a half


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This show is not your standard online show. It has been carefully written and produced to ensure guests have the most interactive and mind-blowing experience. The average length of his show is about 35-40 minutes in length. That said, it can also be tailored to your individual requirements. Some corporate clients secure the services of the virtual magician to perform a more condensed 30 minute show. Other clients want a slightly longer performance. The Cyber Magician can be as flexible as you need as his show is completely modular. This means his  show can be as long or as short as you want without losing the impact, interactivity and fun.

If you are looking for an performance, where you just sit and watch this is not it. If however, you are looking for an online form of entertainment that is wholly engaging and interactive (without being intrusive or silly) then hiring the DW as a virtual magician at your event is the perfect option.

Whilst the Cyber Magician performs a lot of his interactive magic shows over Zoom, he can also accommodate your needs if you use Microsoft Teams, WebEx, or any other video communications platform of your choice.





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DW has spent the last year refining and honing his zoom magic show. You can see from some of the reviews above, people are loving the show across all kinds of events. He has performed to audiences all over America. Some of his clients are based in New York, Washington, Texas, California, Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando and San Diego. His clients have included Coca Cola, ERT, Google, Walmart and more. He has performed to groups as small as ten and groups as large as 200 or more.

He is often hired to perform his act for corporate events, international events, conferences, parties and celebrations. He can tailor his act so that it is innkeeping with the colors or the brand of the event and can even customize some routines for the special occasion. You can also hire DW to integrate his magic into some digital routines for your trade show event. There has been a gradual increase in the number of online exhibitions and virtual fairs with clients looking for something innovative to promote their products at their event.



D.W has been performing technology and digital magic for the last 10 years. He is often regarded as one of the pioneers of iPad magic. 2020 meant that many magicians had to pivot from traditional close up magic and mind reading and illusions and embrace technology. However, he was already ahead of the curve. His current close up, in-person act already incorporated technology into his show. As a result, it was easy for him to become a virtual magician and start offering shows for audiences all over the world. This means when you hire D.W for your event or party, you are getting someone who has been performing in the digital arena for several years already. You can be assured that you are getting the most cutting edge and dynamic performance available in the world today.


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Do you have any recent reviews?


“The Cyber Magician performed for my boyfriend’s 25th birthday as a surprise. He was blown away as we all were. Thank you for making his day so special!”


“Highly recommend the D.W to perform his incredible virtual act at any event. Great magic, great fun and a great time was had by all!”


“The Cyber Magician performed his incredible show for 40 minutes and we were all hooked and wanted it to go on for longer! Highly recommended. 5 stars!”



Virtual Magician FAQs


How much does the show cost?

A virtual show can vary in price dependent on the virtual magician performing. Prices can start as little as $150 and rise to upwards of $1,000. The price of the show is dependent on the length, any customization requirements and if any scripts need to be rehearsed. The Cyber Magician’s virtual show is one of the most competitive out there without compromising on the quality.

How long does the performance last?

A standard online performance usually lasts around 35-40 minutes but different entertainers perform for different lengths of time. Some offer a 15 minute performances but this doesn’t really give the audience the time to get involved in the act and build rapport. Other zoom magic shows are 1 hour in length which can be too long for some people. However, a client may have a one hour gap that they need filling in their agenda and so a one hour performance is the most suitable for them. D.W has a modular show which means it can be broken down into smaller segments. This allows a really high level of customization in the length and the structure.

What kind of tricks does a virtual magician perform?

D.W has been performing as a digital and iPad magician for many years. As a result, you can expect to see some cutting edge technology magic. You can also expect to experience some mind reading. This is nothing intrusive and will involve predicting the choices the audience members make throughout the show. Similarly, it may be involve telling one of your guests what they are thinking. All of the magic tricks in his show are highly interactive. There is even an incredible card trick for everyone to take part in, with the magic happening in their own hands.

Does a virtual magician only use Zoom?

Whilst some virtual magicians perform exclusively on Zoom, the Cyber Magician performs on many other video communication platforms. This allows him to meet the needs of his clients. Some companies are restricted from using Zoom due to the security settings on their computers. As a result, the Cyber Magician has to work on their chosen platform of choice. That said, the magical performance is best experienced through Zoom and he is often hired as a Zoom magician due to its ease and simplicity of use. Regardless, any online video communications platform is acceptable too and the Cyber Magician can quickly adapt.

What age range is the online magic show suitable for?

The Cyber Magician’s show is a family show. There is nothing blue or rude in it  so it suitable for all ages. It is not a children’s magic show, however. The show is most suitable for people aged 9 and upwards. It is perfect for people who are 100 too. The online magic show may be a bit too complicated for really small children below the age of 9 years old that’s why the recommendation is 9 and above. If you hire a virtual magician for your party or event, a mixture of ages is usually really good fun too.

What is the booking process if I hire D.W for my event?

If you decide to hire D.W to perform at your event, the booking process is very simple. After you have checked that your date and time is available, you will be sent a pre-booking confirmation form. This asks for your contact details and information about the party. This will be followed up by a booking confirmation email and details about a deposit. Not only that, but you will receive a Zoom link and details about the show itself. You can then forward this on to the friends and family members you intend to invite.

How many people can I invite to watch the performance?

There is no limit to the number of people you can invite to the party. If you only have 3 screens, the energy is a little low but is still possible to deliver a really fun zoom magic show. However, if you have 100 screens then it’s not always possible to involve everyone who wants to take part. The optimal number of participants or guests for the show is between 10 and 20 screens. You can of course have multiple people on each screen. These numbers ensure that everyone can see and hear everyone well. It also means that we can leave everyone’s microphone on and so the energy is much higher and it becomes a much more fun event.

Do you also offer virtual team building as well as online performances?

The zoom magic show is just one element of the performance. You can also secure the services of the Cyber Magician to perform his virtual team building events. This involves an the show and also some Wizard Workshops. Here, he can teach your team members some really cool, fun tricks. They can then perform these in front of everyone in the form of a gala show. This gives everyone the opportunity to relax and have fun and create a real bond within the team.

To find out more about hiring the Cyber Magician as a virtual magician internationally, then please get in touch via his contact form here.