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Want to book an amazing iPad magician in Washington, DC?

Duncan William has actually been performing as an iPad magician in Washington for over 15 years. His act combines traditional sleight of hand with a clever application of technology. This allows him to create some of the most intriguing and dynamic visual magic routines available to work with in Washington.

Whether you are looking for some walkabout close up digital magic or a stage show then Duncan performs both. Duncan has actually been pioneering iPad and digital magic for over 15 years. In conclusion, he is one of the market’s leading specialists.

For his close up performance he performs using his iPad, iPhone, tablet or device. Duncan can even perform amazing close up iPad magic on other people’s phones. Some of the feats consist of pulling things out of Amazon.com, Instagram or Ebay.com. In addition he can even 3D print physical items simply using an iPad.

The Cyber Magician was booked to come to Washington, DC to showcase his digital magic to our guests over a couple of days of our corporate event. He amazed us both his up close digital illusions in addition to his iPad magic too. He was outstanding with our delegates! Furthermore, he even wrote various custom apps and illusions for our occasion. His after dinner performance was simply magnificent! It kept us discussing it for days – how did he do those things? Excellent!iPad magician Washington, DC

Close up digital and iPad magician in Washington

Duncan performs an astounding after-dinner digital illusion performance show in Washington but he is also employed as a close up iPad magician for parties in Washington too. Nowadays, most celebrations, parties and events typically have a drinks reception element to them.This is where Duncan can assist. He can mix and mingle between your guests providing some light hearted and high impact, visual iPad magic.

Over the last 15 years, Duncan has been a pioneer of iPad illusions. As a result you can be guaranteed you are getting the very best in iPad magic. A few of the routines Duncan performs as he mixes effortlessly between your delegates consist of pulling voucher, pens, watches or other assorted objects out of his mobile phone. In addition he can tell you what you have searched for on Google on your phone. Furthermore he performs a number of other eye-popping iPad illusions. To find out more browse the website at your leisure.

The most popular iPad magician for your exhibition in Washington, DC.

You can book Duncan to perform ‘aisle-style’ or ‘booth-style’. The first is where he will mingle around your stand bringing customers or qualified sales leads onto your stand. In addition, The Cyber Magician can also showcase a ‘booth-style’ act. Here he will perform a bespoke act (to your company) over the course of the Expo weekend. This will create a real energy on your exhibition booth. Where audiences come more will arrive too. In conclusion, please get in touch with Duncan to understand more about his tailoring options.

Whether you are promoting your products at a trade exhibition, expo or show, Duncan can maximize your sales figures. You may be wondering how he can do this? Above all, Duncan is an accomplished and expert iPad and digital magician in Washington, DC. In addition, he has a superb way with prospects. His friendly and approachable persona provides him the opportunity him to determine genuine sales prospects. From there, he can turn a cold lead into a warm lead before introducing them to the sales team. Duncan also develops custom digital illusions using his apple ipad and smartphone to best represent your business. Furthermore, he can also add branding his smartphone and playing cards. He can then incorporate them into his magic to guarantee a fantastic synergism between his magic and your business and brand.

Duncan delivered a fascinating keynote speech to our shareholders here in the centre of Washington. We have heard a lot of keynote address but this one certainly stood out. We had a mixture of clients. These ranged from shareholders to board members to senior executives around the world. Often they are hard to impress but they all came away blown away by both the calibre of what Duncan demonstrated. It gave them some great new insights which they had not seen before. Thank you Duncan!Trade show magician Washington, DC

Keynote technology speaker from Washington, DC

If you are looking for a leading keynote speaker that will ensure your gala dinner a tremendous success, then look no further than Duncan William. Duncan’s keynote will provide you a remarkable understanding into the world of ethical hacking and the creative procedure to produce magic combined with technological innovation.

Duncan’s intriguing keynote speech will give your audience members intriguing food for thought and provide a intriguing and interactive session which compliments all celebrations and corporate events really well.

Bring in an iPad magician after dinner stage show for your celebration in Washington, DC.

You delegates can also partake the ipad and digital magic by either coming on stage to help out or in their dinner places. Duncan’s 40-45 minute act is perfect for small organizations or as high as 5,000 guests. Duncan has performed all over Spain and Washington, DC and is open to customizing his routine for your party. He can brand his act or use key company messages into his after dinner act as well. Get in contact right now to learn more.

Duncan’s after dinner stage show is most suitable for your after dinner entertainment. He will ensure your guests are left spellbound and laughing all the way home. Duncan’s iPad digital magic act is ideal for all types of occasions in and around Washington, DC. Whether you have a company celebration, staff appreciation dinner, trade, ball, or gala show, Duncan delivers an engaging and highly visual show. Some of the routines you will experience include him pulling a range of objects out his iPad or device, making a ‘selfie’ photo become a real picture just by using the wave of his finger or 3d printing a bottle simply using his ipad.

To enquire about Duncan’s availability in Washington, DC and in other places in the region please give us a call.

Duncan aims to respond to everybody with in the hour. If you are wanting to check his schedule, get a quotation, or even take part in some digital magic over the phone, give him a ring or drop him a message or send him an email. Duncan strives hard to meet the requirements all interested customers. Due to demand, Duncan does get booked up some distance in advance so if you are looking at an occasion get in touch now. He may even has some last minute cancellations.

You can press the yellow button shown below and you could soon be seeing the astounding digital magic of Duncan appearing at your corporate event or awards ceremony in Washington, DC.