iPad magician USA



Over the Christmas period of last year I was invited to perform as a holiday entertainer for a medical and tech company in New York as an iPad magician USA. I had been invited to perform close up digital and iPad magic as well as stage iPad magic. This was my first time to America as an iPad magician but was great fun albeit a fleeting visit.

New York is well know, the world over for a beautiful place to visit over the Christmas period and it didn’t disappoint and in return I hope I left my clients suitably wowed.

I flew from London to the chilly town of Newark and then into Brick Township. I had a day to recover from jet lag and with a dusting of snow on the floor and big trucks, I knew I was in America. Heavily adorned Christmas trees graced doorways and I’d only arrived at my hotel. After some time relaxing, checking out the food that features on the shelves of the supermarkets and being taken aback that chocolate hummus is a ‘thing’ I ventured over to my booking. A custom made stage and beautifully adorned tables was where I would be performing by iPad magic stage show for over 300 Americans. Due to arriving so early to set up, it was at the same time as the venue was being prepared and was significantly more ‘large’ and ‘gregarious’ than Christmas parties in the UK. Nonetheless, it remained tasteful

My first stint performing iPad magic in New York was at the ‘cocktail reception’. In England these are called ‘drinks receptions’ and are similar. Here I was showcasing some brand new close up iPad magic that I had developed for my gig in America with the client in mind. It was received really well and the close up portion of the evening was over too soon. From then, it was time for dinner and wine. During the main course I was then asked to perform.

This was slightly awkward as all the guests were still eating and the waiting staff were still serving and pushing trolley’s around. I managed to overcome the noise with the sheer powerful visual element of the show. Being it producing items from the iPad, vanishing them into the iPad or demonstrating routines involving all of the guests and their devices too.

Sadly it was a bit of competition with the noise, and despite my suggestions – I always try and be as flexible as I can for the client. Those who watched thoroughly loved it and over the dessert buffet were keen to demonstrate more iPad magic feats.



The evening ended with applause and the guests still feasting on an array of desserts. The next day was a day to myself to explore some of the sites of New York; from downtown to Grand Central station and Times Square and Central Park. New York, really did look beautiful adorned with Christmas lights and trees. Even the grit of Brooklyn and New York seemed beautiful. I’ll definitely be back. It was great fun and some guests were keen to hire me for some of their own private events – as this was the first time they had experienced iPad magic in America. Hopefully, the world will spread and I’ll be invited back for some more digital and iPad magic in USA. To find out more about hiring Duncan as an iPad magician USA, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact button on the top of this page. If you are looking for some after dinner entertainment get in touch too.