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Looking to hire the leading iPad magician in Toronto?

Duncan William has been performing as an iPad magician in Toronto for numerous years. His act integrates traditional sleight of hand with an innovative application of digital innovation. This allows him to produce one of the most vibrant and exciting visual performances offered to hire in Toronto.

Whether you are looking for some walkabout close up digital magic or a stage show then Duncan performs either. Above all, his act is optimal for a cocktail reception or at a corporate event where you are searching for some after-dinner entertainment. Duncan has actually been pioneering iPad and digital magic for over 15 years. In conclusion, he is one of the industry’s leading professionals. With a friendly and warm character you can be assured of an unique, professional service.

For his close up performance he performs using his iPad, iPhone, tablet or device and can even perform astonishing close up iPad magic on other individuals’s phones. Some of the accomplishments consist of pulling objects out of Amazon, Instagram or Ebay or even 3D printing a physical object simply using an iPad.

The Cyber Magician flew to Toronto to perform to our customers over a number of days of our conference. Duncan amazed us both his close up technology illusions alongside his iPad magic as well. Duncan was really engaging with our guests. Furthermore, he even developed a number of unique applications and tricks for our occasion. His cabaret act was just simply eye-popping and kept us thinking about it for weeks – how did he do that magic? Great!iPad magician Toronto

Close up technology and iPad magician in Toronto

Duncan performs an unbelievable after-dinner digital magic show. In addition, he is likewise hired as an iPad magician for parties in Toronto too. Lots of events such as conferences, and balls typically have a drinks reception component to them. This is where Duncan’s close up act is most suited.

As a pioneer of iPad magic for over 15 years, you can be guaranteed you are getting the best tech illusionist in Toronto. A few of the routines Duncan performs as he mixes in between your attendees include pulling objects out of his phone, tablet, iPhone or device. In addition he can tell you what you have searched for on Google on your phone. Furthermore he can make a deck of cards change to ice simply by holding his phone over them. This close up magic doesn’t need a table.  In other words, it is most ideal for a mix and mingle environment where you are wanting some entertainment prior to the main dinner being served.

The top iPad magician for your Expo in Toronto.

You can enlist the services of Duncan to perform a couple of styles at your event. The first is ‘aisle-style’. This is where he will network around your exhibition booth chaperoning trade show visitors or qualified sales leads onto your booth. In addition, he can perform a booth show throughout the day creating a real buzz on your booth.

Whether you are increasing your brand awareness at a trade exhibition, expo or show, Duncan can improve your sales leads. The way that this is possible is because, not only is Duncan a competent and the leading iPad and digital magician in Toronto but he has a superb way with customers. His approachable and warm qualities allows him to identify sales leads. In addition, he can then turn a cold lead into a warm lead before presenting them to the sales staff.

Duncan offered a fascinating keynote address to our team. We have heard a lot of speeches but this one really stood out. He expertly curated a talk which combined our business concepts with some of his thoughts, suggestions and impressive demonstrations of ethical hacking. His talk was engaging, interactive and everyone took something away from it. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Duncan to other businesses in Toronto or Canada.Trade show magician Canada

Keynote technology speaker from Toronto

Duncan’s intriguing keynote speech will provide your clients genuine ideas for your own business. Similarly he will offer you an intriguing and interactive session which compliments all celebrations and corporate events extremely well.

If you are scouting for a keynote speaker that will ensure your special occasion a real hit, then look no further than Duncan William. He has been a developer of tech, iPad and digital magic for the last 15 years. His address certainly shows that. In addition, Duncan’s keynote will give you an extraordinary insight into the world of ethical hacking. After that, he will outline the highly innovative manner to produce illusions mixed with technology. You’ll also be given the opportunity to partake! Furthermore, you’ll treated to some demonstrations where all the participants mobile phones will illuminate concurrently. In addition he will produce an unbelievable block chain with every one of your devices.

Book an iPad illusionist stage show for your occasion in Toronto.

Duncan’s performance is optimal for your after dinner enjoyment. He will ensure your guests are left spellbound and laughing all the way home. Duncan’s iPad digital magic act is optimal when it comes to all types of celebrations in and around Toronto. No matter whether you have a company celebration, staff appreciation dinner, gala, ball, or trade show, Duncan offers a world class visual and highly engaging show. A few of the effects you will enjoy include him pulling objects out his iPad or iPhone, making a ‘selfie’ picture become a real picture just by using the wave of his finger or 3d printing an item simply using his ipad.

Your delegates can even take part in the technology and iPad act either coming on stage to help out or in their chairs. He can incorporate your brand his show or use key business information into his act as well.

To confirm Duncan’s availability in Toronto and in other places in the area please give us a call.

If you are hoping to check his schedule, get a price estimate, or even experience some tech magic over the phone, give him a phone call or drop him a message or drop him an email. Due to demand, he does get booked up far in advance so if you are considering an event get in touch now.

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