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iPad magician Tokyo – Cutting edge tech magic

If you are looking for an iPad magician for your event in Tokyo, Japan, then you have come to the correct place. Duncan William has spent 4 years living in Japan so can speak some of the language. Above all, his tech and iPad magic transcends most language barriers. Therefore, you can be assured of a a highly visual and entertaining act. In conclusion, Duncan William is commonly referred to as the iPad magician and is one of the pioneers of this cutting edge art form.

Duncan’s close up and stage iPad magic will amaze, dazzle and confound your guests. In addition, as an innovator is this exclusive field, Duncan can create bespoke magic for your clients, guests or company. For more information feel free to browse the website and watch some of the videos. Above all, you can be assured your colleagues will be amazed!

Duncan was hired to perform some walk around iPad magic at our conference. As a tech company we thought we’d seen it all but this was eye-popping. Great magic and really friendly personality. Highly recommended!iPad magician Tokyo

iPad Magician Tokyo-技術とデジタルの魔法。

日本の東京でのイベントのiPadマジシャンを探しているなら、あなたは正しい場所に来ています。ダンカンウィリアムは、日本に4年間住んでいるので、いくつかの言語を話すことができます。とはいえ、彼のデジタルとiPadの魔法は、ほとんどの言語の壁を超えています。あなたは非常に視覚的で面白い行為を保証することができます。ダンカン・ウィリアムは、一般的にiPadの魔術師と呼ばれ、この最先端の芸術形態の先駆者の一人です。 彼のクローズアップとステージのiPadマジックは、ゲストを驚かせ、幻惑させ、混乱させます。イノベーターはこの独占的な分野であるため、ダンカンは顧客、ゲスト、または会社のために特注の魔法を作り出すことができます。詳細については、ウェブサイトを閲覧してビデオをご覧ください。あなたの同僚が驚かれることを確信できます!

Trade show and exhibition magician Tokyo.

You can hire the iPad magician to increase the awareness of your brand and generate increased footfall to your exhibition stand. Furthermore, with over 15 years of experience, you can be guaranteed an excellent return on investment. In addition, Duncan speaks some Japanese and is familiar with Japanese etiquette too.

The Cyber Magician customizes apps and his magic to best showcase your service or product. Duncan can even integrate them into his routines. Above all, as a pioneer of iPad magic, you can be guaranteed your company will be exhibiting something no other stands will be. This really sets you aside from the competition and ensures excellent sales leads are generated. In addition, Duncan can be hired to work as an iPad magician on your trade show or exhibition stand today.

Duncan gave a truly entertaining and fascinating talk about ethical hacking and iPad magic. We certainly all learnt some new things and took part in some amazing interactive magic with out devices too! SuperbTrade show magician Tokyo

Book the iPad magician as a keynote speaker in Tokyo.

Duncan offers an enthralling keynote speech. This combines his detailed knowledge of ethical hacking, coding apps, and how you can combine these concepts to create some cutting edge magic. Duncan delivers an engaging keynote speech which can be easily translated into Japanese. In addition, this speech also includes some incredible demonstrations which involve all of your delegates and audience.

Duncan’s iPad magic keynote speech, much like his stage show, can be tailored to any length you want dependent on the event you are hosting in Tokyo.

iPad illusion show in Tokyo

Duncan offers an incredible stage show. This is both visual and engaging and can be performed anywhere around Tokyo. This show features some incredible iPad illusions. Examples include 3D printing a bottle of orange juice or pulling phone, watches or balls out the iPad. In addition, Duncan performs some incredible iPad and tech illusions with the whole audience. To find out more about his iPad magic please go here.

This is perfect for audiences up to 5,000 and you can be be assured you’ll be congratulated for organizing some innovative an incredible stage magic.

Get in touch now to discuss availability, get a quote and discuss bespoke iPad magic.

To check Duncan’s availability or discuss a quote you can get in touch in any one of the following ways. You can message using the contact form below, press the ‘check availability button’ or send him an email. Duncan aims to reply to all messages within the hour. In addition, Duncan can be hired as an iPad magician in Tokyo or anywhere else in Japan. In conclusion, have a look at the adjacent video to see some custom iPad magic I created using Ebay.