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iPad magician Saudi Arabia. Late, last year I was invited to perform as an iPad magician in Saudi Arabia for the prime minister and a series of dignitaries and tech giants for a major digital launch. Saudi Arabia had been working closely with technology companies to deliver a new service to it’s people.

I was invited to share some of my close up and stage digital and iPad magic. After a long flight to Riyadh via Dubai, I was collected by a friend Filipino and transferred to the hotel.

With a full AV set up and huge projected screens I was due to perform for nearly 1,000 guests. These would be a cross-section of dignitaries and tech giants from Saudi Arabia and internationally. Checking into my hotel, I barely had time (10 minutes) to drop my bag off. I didn’t even have time to enjoy the luxury of my hotel. I simply had to head straight back downstairs to prepare. With little time to be sound checked and prepare by 20 minute stage show, it was back upstairs for some food. The food arrived, courtesy of room service. I then had a quick shower changed and then headed downstairs to perform some brand-specific iPad and iPhone magic.

iPad magician Saudi Arabia – bespoke branding option

On the client’s request, I had incorporated the company’s brand and logo into some of my routines. Not only that, but I was ready to unveil some brand new hard hitting digital magic on the guests. No only that, but I had given my iPhone a bespoke feel using the company logos. Additionally I had a branded, bespoke iPhone case custom created. Furthermore, I had also incorporated the companies logo onto the playing cards. I had then integrated these into the iPad magic too.

This was my first time performing in Saudi Arabia. As result, certain protocols had to be observed. Examples included- not touching the women (magic can be quite kinasthetic at times). Other protocols included working my way through as many of the delegates as possible. Unlike a drinks reception in the UK where I am often hired to perform my tech magic, here in Saudi Arabia, there was no champagne and canapes. Here there were platters of dates steaming kettles of mint tea. In a country which doesn’t eat pork or drink alcohol, this was a really quite sophisticated drinks reception.

Whereas in Western society, our guests, delegates or clients are clad in suits and evening dresses, here in Saudi Arabia, the attire was a much more homogeneous affair. Whilst the men wore ankle length white thobe which is a traditional Arabic dress with red and white head dress, whilst the women were clad in black burkas. Despite the formality of their appearance, the opening drinks reception was great fun with my bespoke, visual iPad magic being received extremely well by the Saudis.

iPad magician – Illusionist stage show

After 40 minutes of mixing and mingling between guests, all guests were ushered into the main conference hall. Hundreds of tables with a bottle of water, pen and notepad for each seated guest was positioned at each place. As the room began to fill and anticipation of the Prime Minister’s imminent arrival grew it was time to get ready with microphone. After his arrival, guests were given several keynote speeches and then it was show time.

For my act I had combined the same graphics used for the big screens behind me on the iPad a tech devices I was using. This gave my act a truly customised feel. Despite the multi-national audience, I tried to keep my act highly visual and on request from the client – interactive too. Here I used a combination of Saudi and international delegates. Some of my routine included pulling decks of cards out of my iPad, pulling tennis balls from my iPad and create digital illusions using photographs, something using everyone’s mobile phone, and more.

The show was short, visual but received extremely well by a truly international audience. After the show, all of the delegates were ushered into an adjacent room to dine. I retired to bed, tired but stoked with an extremely well-received gig. Sometimes it can prove tricky with non-English speaking delegates; but this was great fun! This is one of the beauties of digital magic. Magic transcends language barriers and digital magic can relate to both young and old as iPads are synonymous with our tech focused society.

To find out more about hiring Duncan as an iPad magician in Saudi Arabia, get in touch with him on his contact page.

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