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Thinking of hiring an amazing iPad magician in San Francisco?

Duncan William has been performing as an iPad magician in San Francisco for several years. His act combines classic magic skills with an innovative use of digital technology. In conclusion, he can produce amongst the most vibrant and exciting visual performances available to hire in San Francisco.

Whether you are looking for some roaming close up digital magic or a stage show then Duncan performs both. Duncan has actually been leading the way in iPad and digital magic for over 15 years. In other words, he is one of the market’s leading specialists.

Duncan creates special applications and as a result can incorporate your brand, logo or item into his tech magic. For his close up show he performs with his iPad, iPhone, tablet or device. In addition, he can even demonstrate incredible close up iPad magic on other individuals’s phones. A few of the performance examples consist of pulling items out of Amazon, Instagram or Ebay. Furthermore he can 3D print physical objects just using an iPad. Explore the site and watch some videos for a better idea of what he does.

The Cyber Magician came to San Francisco to showcase his iPad magic to our customers over a couple of days of our annual event. He mesmerized us both his close quarters technology magic in addition to his stage show as well. He was superb with our attendees! Duncan even put together several unique apps and illusions for our occasion. His stage show was simply outstanding and kept us discussing it for the last few weeks – how on earth did he do those things? Great!iPad magician San Francisco

Innovative close up iPad magician in San Francisco

As a pioneer of iPad illusions for the last 15 years you can be guaranteed you are getting the finest in San Francisco tech illusions. Some of the routines Duncan performs as he roams between your guests include pulling objects from his mobile phone. In addition he can read your mind from your own phone. Furthermore he can pull objects out of your instagram feed, or making a deck of cards transform to glass merely by waving his phone over them. This close up ipad magic doesn’t require anything else to make the magic happen and Duncan’s act is fully self contained

Although Duncan performs an amazing after-dinner digital magic act, he is also regularly booked as an close up iPad magician in San Francisco for events too. You can hire him to mingle between guests over drinks receptions or between courses at meals.

The finest iPad magician for your exhibition in San Francisco.

Whether you are promoting your products at a trade show, expo or exhibition, Duncan can boost your sales leads. Not only is Duncan a skilled and the leading iPad and digital magician in San Francisco but he has a fantastic way with customers. He has approachable and warm personality qualities. This allows him to qualify sales leads and turn a cold lead into a warm lead before introducing them to the sales staff.

You can book Duncan to perform two styles. The first is his iPad magic ‘aisle-style’. Here, he will circulate around your stand attracting delegates or hand selected sales leads onto your exhibition stand. Here, he can perform a stage show over the course of the day, generating a real buzz on your stand.

Duncan presented a superb keynote speech to our guests. We have listened to a lot of keynote addresses but this one really stood out! We are always looking for some new and stimulating for our delegates. They are often from a senior management level to find something new and innovative is sometimes difficult. Duncan really engaged with all! They all of them left saying how much they enjoyed it and wanted his contact details! Excellent!!” Trade show magician San Francisco

Keynote innovation speaker from San Francisco

Duncan’s address will give your clients authentic food for thought. In addition, he will offer an amazing and interactive element to his speech which compliments all parties and corporate events extremely well.

If you are looking for a keynote speaker that will guarantee your conference a real hit, then there’s no need to look any further than Duncan William. Duncan has been a developer of tech, iPad and digital illusions for the last 15 years. Therefore, his keynote certainly proves that. Duncan’s keynote will give you an extraordinary insight into the realm of ethical hacking. In addition he will demonstrate the imaginative process to he uses to combine illusions with technology. You’ll also be treated to some experiments where all the guests’ iPhones will light up all at once. Furthermore he’ll build an incredible block chain with each of your phones.

Bring in an iPad magician after dinner performance for your celebration in San Francisco.

Whether you have a business function, staff appreciation meal, ball, trade, or gala show, Duncan offers a genuinely visual and engaging after dinner show. Some of the routines you will enjoy include him pulling bottles out his ipad tablet or iPhone, making a ‘selfie’ snapshot become an actual photo simply by using the wave of his hand or 3d printing a Cola bottle simply making use of his ipad tablet.

You attendees can also participate in the digital and iPad magic by either coming on stage to help out or from their dinner places. His act is perfect for small groups or as high as 5,000 guests. Duncan has performed all over Spain and San Francisco and is open to customizing his routine for your function. He is able to brand his technology show or work key company information into his after dinner show too. Get in touch right now for more information.

To find out about Duncan’s availability in San Fancisco and other places in the area please feel free to get in touch.

You can push the yellow button listed below and you could very soon be witnessing the astounding digital magic of Duncan appearing at your function in San Fancisco.

If you are wanting to check his schedule, get a quote, or even take part in some digital magic over the phone, give him a phone call. Alternatively, send him a message or send him an email. Due to demand, he does get booked up far in advance. In other words, if you are considering an event get in touch now.