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The leading digital and iPad magician in Paris!

Duncan is one of the pioneers of digital and iPad magic. As an iPad magician in Paris you can expect the best combination of technology and magic, France has to offer. Duncan has been performing for over 15 years and so you can expect to receive, not only fantastic digital magic but an unparalleled level of service. Duncan is friendly and approachable and his digital magic act is guaranteed to make your event a success. Some of Duncan’s signature routines include pulling watches or items out of Ebay or Amazon, making a small cross jump out of the iPad and land permanently in your hand. Alternatively Duncan will pull a note out of his iPad and change it into an even higher denomination euro or pound.

You can be assured that your guests will be left talking about his unique act for a long long time. Duncan has a good grasp of the French language so is a perfect choice if you are looking for something unique, sophisticated in fun. If you are looking for an iPad magician further afield from Paris, then Duncan can talk to you about your requirements and ensure he can help.

Duncan treated us to an incredible evening of iPad magic here in Paris. His act was simply astonishing. He mingled effortless between our guests and everyone said how much they enjoyed it. His stage show was a real draw and left our guests talking about it for much of the evening. A truly talented and lovely performer! We’ll definitely be in touch again!iPad magician Riyadh

Magicien numérique et iPad à Paris, France

Duncan est l’un des pionniers de la magie numérique et iPad. En tant que magicien iPad à Paris, vous pouvez vous attendre à la meilleure combinaison de technologie et de magie que la France a à offrir. Duncan se produit depuis plus de 15 ans et vous pouvez donc vous attendre à recevoir non seulement une magie numérique fantastique, mais aussi un niveau de service inégalé. Duncan est sympathique et accessible et son acte de magie numérique est garanti pour faire de votre événement un succès. Certaines des routines de signature de Duncan comprennent le retrait de montres ou d’articles d’Ebay ou d’Amazon, faisant un petit saut en croix hors de l’iPad et atterrissant en permanence dans votre main. Sinon, Duncan sortira une note de son iPad et la transformera en une euro ou une livre encore plus élevée.

Vous pouvez être assuré que vos invités seront laissés parler de son acte unique pendant très longtemps. Duncan a une bonne compréhension de la langue française, c’est donc un choix parfait si vous recherchez quelque chose d’unique, sophistiqué et amusant. Si vous cherchez un magicien iPad plus loin de Paris, Duncan peut vous parler de vos besoins et vous aider.

Do you need something incredible for your trade show in Paris?

Duncan travels around the world assisting businesses in generating sales leads. Duncan fuses traditional magic with technology to create some bespoke magic ideal for your event. If you hired a stand at an expo, exhibition or trade show, you are probably wanting to stand out from the crowd. Well, this is where Duncan is an expert. He is not a traditional magician of which you may have seen 1,000 before. Duncan is an iPad magician. This gives him the scope to customise his magic for your event. He can have a custom phone or iPad case combined with custom playing cards. These can then be expertly integrated into so custom magic. Examples include pulling vouchers or giveaways out of his phone or iPad.

Duncan will get to understand your business and seamlessly weave in your selling points into his presentation. He will also create bespoke apps. All this aside, Duncan is an expert in bringing potential clients on to your stand for you to covert into sales leads. In turn, Duncan offers an excellent return on investment for your trade show in Paris.

We hired Duncan for our trade show exhibition expo in Paris. He increased the profile of our stand and brought a huge amount of qualified sales leads onto the stand itself. It was then easy for the sales boys to covert these into future contacts. 100% recommend The Cyber Magician.Trade show magician Paris

Mix and mingle close up iPad Magician in Paris

If you are hosting a drinks reception in Paris and are looking for something different then maybe you should consider an iPad magician. Walkabout magic, table magic or mix and mingle magic is all the same thing. What differs here is the introduction of technology. Duncan is one of the pioneers of digital or iPad magic. The close up form, is it’s most popular and is perfect for social networking events. If you are wanting some light-hearted entertainment which will generate big gasps and lots of laughter then hiring Duncan as an iPad magician for your event in Paris will go down a treat.

As mentioned earlier, Duncan can customise his magic for your event. If you look at the videos around this site you will see some examples of the routines he performs including pulling watches out of the Ebay app on his iPad or using his phone to tell you what you have searched for on Google. To find out more, get in touch via the contact form below.

After-dinner entertainment show in Paris

If you are looking for a visual, fun and interactive show which your guests wouldn’t have seen before then hiring a digital or iPad magician to perform a stage show may be a great idea. Here Duncan combines the wizardry you may have seen close up but in larger scale illusions. This is the act he has been hired for to perform around the globe for the last 15 years. It’s a constant evolution as his techniques change and technology advances. You can be assured of seeing something innovative and new.

Duncan’s iPad after dinner entertainment show lasts around 40-45 minutes but this can be reduced in time if you are looking for a shorter piece. Some well known technology companies have hired Duncan for a signature WOW piece to involve their brand and all of the audience, Get in touch with Duncan to see what he can do to make a bespoke piece for you to ensure your event in Paris is the best yet!

To see if Duncan is available for your event in Paris or anywhere in France, please get in touch below.

You can hire Duncan to perform as a close up or after-dinner entertainer in Paris or anywhere in France. If you want to check his availability press the button below. If you want more details, to get a quote or to discuss about customisation options, drop him an email for no-obligation chat.

Duncan aims to reply to everyone with in the hour.