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Hire the leading iPad magician in Jakarta for your event

Duncan William has been performing as an iPad magician in Manila for a number of years. His act combines time-honored magic skills with an ingenious application of digital innovation to produce one of the most intriguing and vibrant visual magic routines offered to work with in Manila.

Whether you are searching for some walkabout close up digital magic or a stage show then Duncan performs both of these. His act is perfect for a drinks party or at a conference where you are trying to find some after-dinner entertainment. Duncan has actually been pioneering iPad and digital magic for over 15 years. As a result, he is among the industry’s leading professionals. With a warm and friendly character you can be guaranteed of a bespoke, professional service.

Duncan develops special applications and as a result can integrate your brand, logo or product into his tech magic. For his close up performance he performs with his iPad, iPhone, tablet or device. He can even demonstrate unbelievable close up iPad magic on other individuals’s phones. A few of the performance examples consist of pulling items out of Amazon, Instagram or Ebay. He can even 3D print a physical object just using an iPad. Search the website and see some videos for a higher idea of what he does.

The Cyber Magician came to Jakarta to mesmerise delegates over a few days of our conference. Duncan mesmerised us both his close up digital magic in addition to his iPad miracles too. He was excellent with our invitees and even developed various bespoke apps and tricks for our event. Duncan’s stage show was just simply eye-popping and kept us talking about it for the last few weeks – how on earth did he do those things? Brilliant!iPad magician Manila

The leading Close up iPad magician in Manila

Duncan performs an extraordinary after-dinner digital magic act! He is also regularly booked as a close up iPad magician in Manila for events too. Many occasions such as conferences, events,  parties and Christmas parties often have a drinks reception component to them. Duncan’s act is perfect for these.

As one of the market leaders of close up iPad magic for the last 15 years you can be guaranteed you are getting the most cutting edge tech magic. Many of the routines Duncan showcases to your guests include pulling money, cards, or other items out of his phone. In addition he can make a small cross jump off of his phone and into your hand. This close up magic doesn’t require a any additional things such as a table or other things. In other words, it is perfect for a mix and mingle environment. Alternatively its ideal if you are wanting some unique and fun entertainment before guests are sat down for dinner.

The most popular iPad magician for your trade convention in Manila.

You can employ the services of Duncan to perform ‘aisle-style’ where he will roam around your stand bringing customers or qualified sales targets onto your exhibition stand. The Cyber Magician can also showcase a ‘booth-style’ act. Here he will perform a bespoke act (to your company) throughout the trade show creating a genuine energy on your podium. Where people come more will arrive too. Please call Duncan to find out more about his personalization choices.

Whether you are showcasing your new products at a trade expo, show or exhibition, Duncan can and will increase your sales figures. How? Well, not only is Duncan an accomplished and the expert iPad and digital illusionist in Barcelona but he has a superb way with prospects. His approachable and warm personality allows him to qualify sales prospects and turn a cold lead into a warm lead before introducing them to the sales staff. Duncan also codes custom digital illusions using his iPad and iPhone to best represent your organization. He can add logos to his smartphone and playing cards and then combine them into his digital illusions to make sure that there is a fantastic synergism between his magic and your company and brand.

Duncan gave a fascinating keynote speech to our team. We have listened to a great deal of speeches and yet Duncan’s absolutely stood out. It was intriguing, interactive and funny and gave us a new insight into technological innovations. We are so delighted we used the services of Duncan, and would urge other businesses to do the very same. Don’t postpone, he is high demand!” Trade show magician Manila

Keynote technological innovation speaker in Manila

Duncan’s intriguing keynote speech will offer your audience members intriguing food for thought and offer an interactive and intriguing session which compliments all conferences and corporate events extremely well.

If you are seeking a keynote speaker that will make your conference a big hit, then there’s no need to look any further than Duncan William. He has been a pioneer of tech, iPad and digital illusions for the last 15 years and his address certainly demonstrated that. Duncan’s address will give you a spellbinding insight into the realm of ethical hacking and the creative process to produce magic blended with technology. You’ll also be given the opportunity to partake and treated to some demos where all the attendees phones will illuminate all at once or your build an impossible block chain with all of your iPhones.

Employ the services of an iPad magician performance for your party in and around Manila.

You delegates can also take part in the technology and iPad show. This could include either coming on to the performing area to help out or in their places. He can incorporate your brand his show or use key company information into his act too.

Duncan’s stage show is most suitable for your after dinner enjoyment. He will ensure your guests are left spellbound and laughing all the way home. Duncan’s iPad digital magic act is most suitable with respect to all kinds of celebrations in and around Manila. No matter whether you have a company function, team appreciation meal, gala, ball, or trade show, Duncan delivers an engaging and highly visual performance. Some of the routines you will experience include him pulling a variety of objects out his iPad or smartphone. In addition he makes a ‘selfie’ picture become a real photo just by using the swipe of his hand. He can also 3d print a bottle simply using his ipad.

To find out about Duncan’s availability in Manila and other places in the area please contact us.

You can push the button beneath and you could very soon be seeing the extraordinary digital magic of Duncan appearing at your celebration in Manila.

Duncan aims to respond to everyone who enquires with in the hour. If you are wanting to check his schedule, get a quote, or even take part in some tech magic over the telephone, give him a ring. In addition, you send him a message or drop him an email. Duncan works hard to accommodate all potential customers. Due to demand, he does get booked up a long way in advance. If you are considering an occasion get in touch now. He may even has some last minute cancellations.