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Have you got an event that may require an iPad magician in Madrid?

Do you have an event coming up in Madrid requiring some special type of entertainment? Duncan William is an amazing iPad magician in Madrid who uses technology and magic to create an intriguing, one-of-a-kind kind of show. Therefore, if you are looking for an up-close digital magic or a stage show, Duncan guarantees to thrill you both ways. For 15 years, Duncan has pioneered a unique form of entertainment with iPad and digital magic. Above all, Duncan is regarded as one of the leaders in the industry. In other words, you can be rest assured of a bespoke service with his gentle and approachable personality.

Duncan can incorporate your brand, logo, or product into his tech magic and is able to create unique branded apps. You can see him perform close up using both his iPad, iPhone, tablet, or android device. In addition, Duncan can even using other people’s phones to perform amazing close-up iPad magic. Similarly, some of his mind-blowing feats include pulling objects out of Amazon, eBay, or Instagram. In addition, he can make an object jump from one hand into an iPad and out into a participant’s hand. Similarly, Duncan can 3D print a physical object simply using his iPad. To better understand what Duncan does, browse the website, and watch some of his videos.

If you are looking for something captivating for your delegates or workforce then look no further than The Cyber Magician. He performs both incredible close up digital magic illusions as well as some amazing stage magic. We hired him for some custom after-dinner entertainment and was truly superb! Thank you Duncan – you were brilliant!iPad magician Madrid

Roaming iPad magician in Madrid

Duncan performs amazing digital illusions dazzle audiences all over Spain and can be hired as an iPad magician for events in Madrid too. Many events have a drinks reception to them. These include networking events, staff and client appreciation events, conferences, balls, and galas. Therefore, clients will look for something unique and enjoyable that will captivate their delegates and leave them speechless. This is where Duncan can help.

Duncan has pioneered iPad magic for over 15 years. And if there’s one thing you can be confident about, it is the fact that you will get the best in tech magic that enthralls. His style is unobtrusive, fun, interactive, and highly visual.

The tech magician uses his iPad to perform a mix of routines. Duncan will effortlessly thrill guests and gets the party started. His routines include pulling coins out of his phone or telling you what you searched last on Google on your phone. In addition, you will see transform a deck of cards into glass just by waving his phone over them. Duncan’s close up magic requires no tables. In conclusion, it is excellent for a mix and mingle network environment where you want to break the ice between guests. Similarly it’s perfect to introduce people to one another, or throw in a spark of entertainment before meal is served.

Looking for an iPad magician for your trade show in Madrid?

Are you exhibiting at a trade show, expo or exhibition? Duncan can boost your sales! How? You ask. Duncan is the best iPad and digital magician in Madrid because he has a way with clients. Duncan has a kind and friendly disposition  that will allow people to gravitate towards him. In addition, Duncan can turn a cold lead into a warm lead in no time before introducing them to the sales team. Duncan can create iPad magic tailor-made to your company. Above all, he will superbly represent your brand.  He can seamlessly incorporate your brand into his magic through his iPad and playing cards which represent your company better. This creates an exciting synergy with your company and brand.

Duncan can also create bespoke apps for his clients, and branded iPhone and iPad cases. In addition, he can integrate branded playing cards into apps and use his magic to brand materials for client giveaways. His act is guaranteed to generate sales leads and offer a great return on investment.

You can hire Duncan to perform ‘aisle-style,’ where he will mingle around your stand bringing delegates, or qualified sales leads onto your stand. The Cyber Magician can also perform a ‘booth-style’ act. Here he will perform a show throughout the day, creating a real buzz on your stand. Where crowds come, more will follow. Please get in touch with Duncan to find out more about his customization options.

We hired Duncan to spend the weekend with us on our stand generating sales leads and building new client relationships. He really understood how to qualify potential leads. He expertly passed these leads on to our sales team to convert into sales. We will definitely be hiring Duncan and his iPad magic for another event we hold in Madrid! Superb!Trade show magician Madrid

Keynote tech speaker in Madrid

Duncan William has got you covered if you want a keynote speaker that can make your event extremely successful. Duncan has been a prominent pioneer of iPad, iPhone, and digital magic technologies for over 15 years. In addition, Duncan’s keynote speech looks at ethical hacking and the process of creativity. It will provide an amazing insight into the ethical hacking. Furthermore, Duncan will show you many aspects of technology and unlocking the hidden potential or iPad and iPhone to create wonder and intrigue.

In addition, the audience will encounter first hand the creative process that combines technology and magic through ethical demonstrations. Above all, the delegates will be thrilled with jaw-dropping acts like lighting the devices of delegates at the same time. Furthermore Duncan will create an astounding block-chain with all of your phones.

Duncan will give your delegates will have some real food for thought when they listen to his speech. There is also an interactive session which compliments conferences and corporate events too.

Hire THE iPad magician digital show for your party in Madrid.

Duncan’s stage show is ideal if you want the perfect after-dinner entertainment.  Your guests will be mesmerized by his unique talent and laughing all the way home.  No matter where your event is in Madrid, Duncan’s iPad digital magic act is perfect.  Duncan’s iPad magic is perfect as an after-dinner show, conferences, hospitality events,  product launches, staff or supplier appreciation, or engagement events. In conclusion, Duncan can offer a highly visual and super engaging show.

Duncan will thrill you with mind bending illusions like pulling objects out of his iPad or iPhone. In addition, he can turn a selfie photo into a real photo in an instant just by swiping his hand. Similarly he can even 3D print an object right out of his iPad. Similarly, Duncan’s mind reading demonstrations are mysterious and impressive. He can use iOS devices, tablets and, other android devices. He is not restricted.

Duncan’s brilliant shows last anywhere between 40 to 45 minutes but can be shortened down into a WOW piece of just 5 minutes. Duncan recently performed for HUAWEI for the launch of one of their latest devices.

The tech magician will create bespoke digital and tech magic to include branding for the client. He is funny, engaging, and sensitive to cultural differences.

Your guests can get involved in the digital and iPad magic either by joining him on stage or helping out from their seats. Duncan’s act is also perfect for an after-dinner entertainment show. This can be for small groups or a few thousand people. Duncan has performed all over Spain, and now Madrid. In addition, he will customize his routines for your event.  Companies can hire The Cyber Magician to create bespoke magic too. Contact Duncan now to get more information.

Get in touch with Duncan to check his availability in Madrid and elsewhere in Spain.

Duncan will try to return your call or email within the hour. So if you are wanting to check his availability, get a quote, or even experience a quick demonstration of digital magic over the phone, give him a call. Alternatively drop him an email.

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