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Duncan William has actually been performing as an iPad magician in Istanbul for numerous years. His act integrates classic magic skills with an ingenious use of digital technology. This allows him to create amongst the most vibrant and interesting visual magic routines available to work with in Istanbul.

Whether you are looking for some roaming close up digital magic or a stage show then Duncan performs either. His act is perfect for a drinks reception. In addition, you can use his services at a conference where you are looking for some after-dinner entertainment. Duncan has actually been pioneering iPad and digital magic for over 15 years. As a result, he is among the market’s leading professionals. With an approachable and warm character you can be guaranteed of a bespoke, expert service.

For his close up performance he performs using his iPad, iPhone, tablet or device. In addition he can even perform extraordinary close up iPad magic on other individuals’s phones. Some of the routines consist of pulling things out of Amazon, Instagram or Ebay. He can even 3D print a physical object just using an iPad.

The Cyber Magician flew to Istanbul to showcase his digital magic to our customers. He performed over a several days of our conference. He showcased both his close up tech illusions along with his iPad magic too. Duncan was really engaging with our customers. Duncan even created various custom applications and magic for our occasion. His after dinner performance was simply incredible. It kept us talking about it for the last few weeks – how did he do that magic? Highly recommended!iPad magician Istanbul

The leading close up digital and iPad magician in Istanbul

Duncan is regularly hired to perform his incredible after-dinner digital magic show. However, he is also hired as a close up iPad magician for celebrations in Istanbul too. Many parties such as conferences, client gratitude galas, parties and balls typically have a drinks or cocktail reception component to them. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to employ his services

As a pioneer of iPad illusions for the last 15 years, you can be guaranteed you are getting the best in tech illusions and magic. Many of the magic pieces that Duncan performs include pulling salt packets, photos or other objects from his mobile phone. In addition he can tell you what you have searched for on Google just by looking at you. Furthermore, he is renowned for making a deck of cards change to glass simply by holding his phone over them. This close up iPad magic doesn’t need a table.  In other words, it is ideal for a formal or informal mix and mingle setting where you are really wanting some entertainment prior to the main meal being served.

The number one iPad magician for your trade show in Istanbul.

Whether you are showcasing your new products at a trade exhibition, show or expo, Duncan can maximize your sales leads. Just how will he do this? Well, not only is Duncan a talented and the expert iPad and digital illusionist in Istanbul but he has a fantastic way with punters. His warm and approachable personality allows him to identify genuine sales leads. In turn. he can then convert a cold lead into a warm lead before presenting them to the sales staff. Duncan also creates custom digital illusions using his iPad and android devices to best represent your organization. He can brand his smartphone and playing cards and then incorporate them into his magic. This guarantees a fantastic harmony between his magic and your company and brand.

You can hire Duncan to dazzle your guests with his ‘aisle-style’ where he will roam around your stand bringing prospective clients or qualified sales targets onto your stand. The Cyber Magician can also showcase a ‘booth-style’ act. Here he can perform a show over the course of the exhibition weekend generating a real energy on your stand. Where groups come, more will follow. Please call Duncan to understand more about his tailoring possibilities.

Duncan gave an engaging keynote address to our team. We have attended a good deal of talks however, Duncan’s really stood it. It was funny, funny and interactive and offered us a fresh understanding into technological innovation. We are so happy we employed the services of Duncan, and would recommend other companies to do the very same. Don’t postpone, he is high demand!Trade show magician Istanbul

Keynote innovation speaker in Istanbul

If you are looking for a keynote speaker that will make your awards ceremony a total success, then search no farther than Duncan William. Duncan’s address will provide you a fascinating insight into the realm of ethical hacking. In addition, he will present the inventive process to develop illusions combined with technological innovation.

Duncan’s address will provide your audience members intriguing food for thought and offer an interactive and amazing session which compliments all conferences and corporate events very well.

Book an iPad illusionist after dinner show for your awards ceremony in Istanbul.

Whether you are hosting a corporate and business event, staff appreciation supper, ball, trade, or gala show, Duncan can perform a genuinely visual and fascinating after dinner show. Some of the feats you will enjoy include him pulling watches out his iPad or smartphone. In addition, he can make a ‘selfie’ photo become a real photograph simply by using the wave of his hand. Furthermore, he can 3d print a random object chosen by one of your guests simply making use of his ipad tablet.

Your guests can even take part in the tech and iPad act either coming on to the performing area to help out or in their chairs. He can incorporate your brand his performance or use key business messages into his act too.

To enquire about Duncan’s availability in Istanbul and in other places in the area please give us a call.

You can press the button shown below and you could very soon be witnessing the innovative digital magic of Duncan. Duncan can be hired to appear at your corporate event or awards ceremony in Istanbul.

Duncan aims to reply to everybody with in the hour. Thus, if you are wanting to check his schedule, get a price quote, or perhaps experience some digital magic over the telephone, give him a call. Similarly you can send him a message or send him an email. Duncan strives hard to meet the requirements all potential customers. Nonetheless, due to demand, he does get booked up a long way in advance. In conclusion, if you are looking at an occasion give him a call now. He may even has some eleventh hour cancellations.