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iPad magician Fukuoka – 21st Century tech magic!

The Cyber Magician has been hired an iPad Magician Fukuoka several times over the years. In fact, he used to live there – in Muromi. He has some ability with the Japanese language. Duncan has spent 4 years in Japan and as a result knows the etiquette and customs well. If you are a Japanese company, it may be worth hiring an iPad magician for your event in Japan. Duncan is one of only a handful of iPad magicians in the world who can customise his own apps. As a result he can offer custom magic for your event.

Feel free to watch the videos below to see how Duncan can help make your trade show, conference, ball or product launch a success. You will understand why The Cyber Magician is one of the most popular iPad magicians in the world. To find out some of his performance options in Fukuoka, see below.

Duncan has an approachable personality and was very good with our international clients. He performed some incredible iPad magic close up and customised our brand into it. We will definitely hire him again next year!iPad magician Fukuoka

iPad Magician Fukuoka-技術とデジタルの魔法。


下のビデオをご覧になり、ダンカンがトレードショー、カンファレンス、ボール、製品の発売を成功させる方法をご覧ください。 The Cyber​​ Magicianが世界で最も人気のあるiPadマジシャンの1人である理由を理解できます。福岡での彼のパフォーマンスオプションについては、以下をご覧ください。

Looking for an exhibition magician in Fukuoka?

Duncan has visited Fukuoka on a number of occasions. Despite the number of tourists visiting this beautiful city – it is also an important city in Japan. If you are hosting a trade show or exhibition and are wanting to stand out from the crowd then why not secure the services of The Cyber Magician – an exhibition and trade show magician in Fukuoka. He is able to customise apps and his magic to help your brand stand out.

More than that, Duncan is an expert is generating sales leads. You can be assured that not only will your clients be dazzled, but you will leave the trade show or exhibition event with many more leads to be able to generate into sales. Duncan performs all over the world and is one of the leading authorities in iPad magic. You can be assured that you will be getting both the best service and best iPad magic in Fukuoka and in all of Asia. Duncan can perform both a show or aisle-style, bringing potential clients onto your stand from the aisles.

Duncan gave a compelling keynote speech at our event using some incredible demonstrations of tech, digital iPad magic. We have hired a number of tech speakers over the time, but Duncan’s really stood out as it was so compelling, innovative and engaging. I’d certainly recommend him to anyone who asked.Trade show magician Fukuoka

Hire the iPad magician as a keynote speaker in Fukuoka.

If you are hosting an event in Fukuoka and are looking for something truly engaging for your delegates then Duncan may have the solution. His speech combines some incredible demonstrations of iPad magic as well as techniques you can use in your own business. Whether he is speaking or involving the whole of the audience you can be assured that this speech will be fun.

Look through this site at some of the videos to see some of the iPad magic Duncan both performs and creates. In his speech Duncan talks about ethical hacking, how to create digital magic and of course give some demonstrations. His speech can be tailored in length and for international audiences it is worth securing the services of a translator alongside.

Digital and iPad stage show in Fukuoka

If you are looking for an iPad magic stage show in Fukuoka then look no further. Duncan’s digital stage show combines the best illusions with digital technology to create a unique visual feats for your audience. His act is interactive for those who are willing and can even use the audience members’ own devices. If you are looking for something which can also be customised to include your brand, sales ideas of conference message then please get in touch with Duncan through the contact form below. To find out whats iPad magic is then please follow the navigation.

Duncan’s show is fully self contained and perfect for small audiences and larger audiences up to 5,000 delegates. Duncan stage illusions are both innovative and cutting edge and will guarantee your after-dinner entertainment is the best it can be. This show is perfect for conferences, corporate events, product launches, hospitality events and supplier engagement events in Fukuoka or around Japan.

Get in touch now to discuss availability, get a quote and discuss bespoke iPad magic for your event.

Duncan’s services can be hired for your event in Fukuoka. It is easy to book and even easier to get a quote. Duncan aims to reply within an hour. He can also give you guidance on how he can make his illusions bespoke for your event too. If you are thinking of hiring Duncan for multiple events around Japan and not just Fukuoka then he will be happy to discuss this further. Have a look at the adjacent video to see some custom iPad magic Duncan created using the Ebay application.