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Do you want to hire an iPad magician in Dubai?

Duncan is the leading iPad magician in Dubai. In other words, This means he specialises in all things related to technology, performance and magic. If you browse this website you will begin to understand why he is one of the most popular digital magicians in Dubai. He also performs in the surrounding area too. Duncan is one of the leading innovators in the field of iPad magic. The effects he performs have taken him around the globe.

You can guarantee your guests will be blown away with the level of skill and incredible technology magic performed by Duncan. You can hire him for some incredible magic at your event in Dubai. Duncan can be hired for either for close up mix and mingle or for a stage show. Whatever you choose, you will find professionalism and sophistication. Similarly, you will be offered a form of entertainment which is highly visual, customisable and unique. In conclusion, this will ensure your event will be remembered positively for a long time. Feel free to browse the site to get more of a taster for what Duncan offers.

Duncan, otherwise known as The Cyber Magician came to our event and performed a heady mix of close up and stage iPad magic. It really made our event stand out from previous years! All the delegates were commenting on how much they had enjoyed this one. Duncan was excellent! Highly recommended!”iPad magician Dubai

Walkaround digital and iPad magician in Dubai

If you are hosting a cocktail party or drinks reception you will no doubt be looking for something to entertain your guests. Duncan has been one of the leading pioneers of iPad and digital magic for the last 15 years.  Above all, Duncan has a sophisticated yet contemporary approach to magic. Therefore, it is no wonder why companies in Dubai and the far east turn to Duncan to provide close up iPad entertainment for their event.

The Cyber Magician will mix effortlessly with your guests providing them with real moments of wonder. Duncan has garnered fame for pulling watched out of iPads using an Ebay app. In addition, you may have sen him change some money into a higher denomination just using the camera on the iOS device. In conclusion, you can be assured that your guest will be witnessing something truly unique. If you are wanting to make a real statement and ensure your guests are really treated well then consider securing Duncan’s services.

You can hire him as a digital and iPad magician in Dubai. Duncan’s walk-around mix and mingle set is perfect if you are having a drink reception or cocktail party. Furthermore, it is perfect for informal or formal gatherings. Alternatively it’s ideal if you want to treat your staff or suppliers in an networking or engagement event. Above all get in touch with Duncan to see how he can create some custom iPad magic for your event.

Why not hire Duncan as an exhibition digital magician in Dubai?

Dubai host a number of trade shows, expos and exhibitions around the year and all exhibitors are tasked with the same thing. To generate sales leads, increase brand awareness and ultimately increase profit. With a degree in Business Management and an obsession with ensuring customer service excellence, Duncan works closely with his clients to develop a unique and bespoke offering.

As a pioneer of iPad and digital technology magic, Duncan can code apps and fuse them with some incredible sleight of hand to leave your potential leads remembering your brand and logo long after they have closed the exhibition hall doors.

Not only does Duncan have a warm and approachable personality, he has the ability to use these skills with his custom iPad magic to generate qualified sales leads, and bring them onto your stand to take their details and you convert into sales. You can be assured that if you hire Duncan for your next trade show in Dubai you will see an excellent and extremely high return on investment.

Duncan has worked for and consulted with some of the most recognized brands in the industry to bring an incredible offering to their trade show stand. Watch the branding video on this page to see how Duncan can brand his act for your event and generate some highly qualified sales leads.

The Cyber Magician gave an enthralling 30 minute keynote speech to our delegates here in Dubai. We had a range of national and international delegates and his speech appealed to all of them He injected both humour and fantastic demonstrations into his speech meaning we felt that we had come away not only have learnt loads but had fun too!Exhibition magician Dubai

Keynote digital speaker in Dubai

If you are bored of having the same kind of tedious, stuffy keynote speaker and are wanting something with vibrancy and life for your event, then consider hiring Duncan. Duncan can deliver his keynote speech here in Dubai. Duncan is armed with a captivating personality and the skill set which places him as one of the pioneers in his field as a digital magician. With this arsenal of skills, you can be assured you will received an engaging keynote speech.

Duncan’s speech can be tailored to the length you desire. Not only that but it covers a range of subjects. Subjects include ethical hacking, coding, exploiting the untapped parted of iOS devices.

You can be guaranteed of some interactive iPad magic too. Some examples include which simulating ethical hacking. In addition, this gives a fantastic insight into some of Duncan’s skill set that you too can use. You will experience some additional thoughts on creativity and bending perception too. Get in touch using one of the many methods to find out more.

After dinner entertainment stage show in Dubai.

Aside from his close up iPad magic, Duncan also showcases some of his incredible talents to larger groups too. Duncan’s digital magic act is perfect for your after-dinner entertainment. You and your guests can sit back and relax to 40-45 minutes of eye-popping visual digital magic using iPads and iPhones.  You can be assured that this will transcend all cultures, language barriers and class.

The show is both visual and interactive. Not only that, but it can even be tailored to your event too using branding and logos in the magic routines themselves. Duncan can even communicate some of the key messages in his patter too. You can be assured that Duncan’s Cyber Magician act will leave your guests laughing in amazement. Furthermore, they will be begging the question “How did he do that?”.

In other words, if you are looking for something which will entertain up to 5,000 delegates and guarantee lots of fun with technology then hire Duncan as your after dinner entertainer. Above all, Duncan’s act is perfect for your gala, ball, conference or corporate event, product launch or award ceremony in Dubai.

To check Duncan’s availability in Dubai or the Middle East please get in touch.

Duncan is happy to skype, call, or email with all of his prospective clients. Above all, Duncan will do his best to find the most tailored solution for their event. You are no difference. After that, if you are wanting to check availability, get a quote or understand different bespoke packages Duncan can offer then give him a call. Alternatively, drop him a message.

Duncan aims to get back to everyone in under 60 minutes to ensure you aren’t waiting around.