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Book THE number one iPad magician in Berlin!

Duncan William has been performing as an iPad magician in Berlin for a number of years. His act combines time-honored magic skills with a clever application of digital innovation. This allows him to produce some of the most interesting and dynamic visual magic routines offered to hire in Berlin.

Whether you are searching for some walkabout close up digital magic or a stage show then Duncan performs both of these. His act is optimal for a cocktail party or at a conference.  Alternatively you could hire Duncan for your after-dinner entertainment. Duncan has been leading the way in iPad and digital magic for over 15 years. As a result, he is among the industry’s leading specialists. With an approachable and warm character you can be assured of an unique, professional service.

Duncan develops unique applications and as a result can incorporate your brand, logo design or product into his tech magic. For his close up performance he performs with his iPad, iPhone, tablet or device. In addition, Duncan can even demonstrate unbelievable close up iPad magic on other individuals’s phones. A few of the stunts include pulling things out of Amazon, Instagram or Ebay. Furthermore he can even 3D print a physical item simply using an iPad. Explore the website and enjoy some videos for a higher idea of what he does.

The Cyber Magician was booked to come to Berlin. Here, he showcased his iPad magic to our guests over a couple of days of our conference. Duncan dazzled us both his close up digital illusions along with his iPad magic as well. Duncan was really interactive with our attendees and even created several bespoke applications and illusions for our event. His after dinner performance was utterly incredible. He kept us talking about it for the last few days – how on earth did he do those things? Dazzling!!iPad magician Berlin

Incredible close up technology and iPad magician in Berlin

As a pioneering force behind Pad illusions for the last 15 years you can be assured you are getting the finest in tech illusions. Some of the routines Duncan performs as he mingles in between your attendees, consist of pulling coins out of his phone. In addition to that he can tell you what you have looked for on Google on YOUR phone. Not only that, but he can make a deck of cards change to glass merely by holding his phone over them. His close up magic doesn’t need a table. As a result, it is perfect for a mix and mingle, informal environment where you would like some entertainment before the main meal is served.

Duncan performs an amazing after-dinner digital magic show. Not only that, he is regularly booked as an iPad magician for parties in Berlin too. Numerous events such as conferences, customer gratitude events, galas, balls and parties often have a drinks reception element to them. In conclusion, hiring a close up iPad magician in Berlin is the perfect choice!

The top iPad magician for your trade show in Berlin.

Whether you are promoting your products at a trade show, exhibition or expo, Duncan can and will multiply your sales leads. You may be wondering how he can do this? Well, not only is Duncan a talented and the expert iPad and digital magician in Berlin but he has a superb way with potential customers. Duncan has an approachable and friendly disposition. This provides him the opportunity him to qualify sales prospects. From there, he can turn a cold lead into a warm lead before presenting them to the sales staff. Duncan also develops unique digital illusions using his iPad and iPhone. This allows him to best represent your company. He can brand his phone and playing cards and then integrate them into his magic. This ensures a fantastic harmony between his magic and your organization and organization.

You can employ the services of Duncan to perform his iPad magic ‘aisle-style’. In this style, he will network around your booth introducing prospective clients or hand selected sales leads onto your booth. Alternatively, he can perform a booth show over the course of the day creating a real focus point on your stand.

Duncan gave an interesting keynote to our guests, here in Berlin. We have listened to a good deal of speeches however, Duncan’s without a doubt stood out. It was intriguing, funny and interactive. Not only that, but it offered a new understanding into technological innovation. We are so happy we contacted Duncan, and would recommend other businesses to do the same. Don’t procrastinate, he is high demand!Trade show magician Berlin

Number 1 keynote speaker in Berlin

Duncan’s incredible keynote speech will provide your delegates intriguing food for thought. Furthermore, he will give an interactive and amazing session which compliments all parties and corporate events very well.

If you are searching for a leading keynote speaker that will make your awards ceremony a real success, then search no further than Duncan William. Duncan’s address will present you a fascinating understanding into the realm of ethical hacking. It will also quip you with new tools to create new concepts coupled with technology.

Enlist the services of an iPad illusionist performance for your private party in Berlin.

Regardless of whether you are hosting a business celebration, client appreciation dinner, gala, trade, or ball show, Duncan offers a highly visual and interactive after dinner show. Some of the feats you will witness include him pulling objects out his iPad or device. In addition, he can make a ‘selfie’ snapshot change into a legitimate photo just by using the wave of his hand. Furthermore he can 3d printing a Cola bottle simply making use of his ipad tablet.

Your guests can also take part in the tech and iPad magic by either coming on stage to help out or in their seats. Duncan’s performance is optimal for small groups or up to 5,000 guests. Duncan has performed all over the country and in particular Berlin. He is also open to customizing his routine for your function. He can absolutely brand his show or use key business information into his after dinner act also. Get in touch now to find out more.

To enquire about Duncan’s availability in Berlin and in other places in the region please feel free to get in touch.

You can push the yellow button listed below and you could soon be witnessing the unique digital magic of Duncan appearing at your event in Berlin.

If you are hoping to check his availability, get a price estimate, or even experience some tech magic over the phone, give him a ring or drop him a message or send him an email. Due to demand, he does get booked up far in advance so if you are considering an event get in touch now.