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Keynote speaker

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What is a keynote speaker?

There idea of hiring a keynote speaker is often shrouded in mystery. So we are going to answer what is a keynote speaker and why should you consider hiring one?

Often the preconceived ideas of a keynote speaker is that they are usually very expensive and will talk for about 20-45 minutes. People often think that a keynote speaker is a motivational speaker, industry expert, closing speaker, compere, business speaker, magician, entertainer or celebrity with some funny anecdotes. Whilst all of the above can be true a good quality with years of experience, such as Duncan William will offer you so much more than that. Most keynote speakers often shy away from this term as it has been so commonly mislabelled and misrepresented, prefererring to label themselves as simply a ‘speaker’.

A quality keynote speaker, finds his natural home upon a stage, is well versed with the company and is comfortable hosting or speaking to a room full of strangers. There are skilled in the art of making connections with people and communicating the key points about the company, conference or event.

A speaker will not have just blindly spat out a tried and tested keynote speech but would have taken the time to research your company, industry, values and brand. He will then expertly weave these into a unique, highly engaging, inspiring and motivational delivery to your delegates or workforce.

With Duncan – this goes even further than what is mentioned above. He also is guaranteed to leave your guests laughing in amazement, making them ponder and question the points made and inspiring them. Duncan creates a highly interactive show with video clips, presentational segways and contemporary thinking which have been tried and tested through years as a speaker.

Duncan delivered a wholly engaging & interactive keynote speech which rounded off our conference perfectly

“If you are looking for 25 minutes of thought-provoking, captivating content; look no further!”

What content does a keynote speaker cover?

A high quality keynote speaker can tailor his performance to your industry, conference or event. Duncan does just this too. He blends a highly entertaining structure full of interaction and inspiring thoughts and expertly weaves company or conference specifics into this.

  • The art of astonishment / wonder.
  • Small steps, continuous improvement and self-development
  • Technology in the workplace
  • Inspiring people to think outside of the box.
  • Building self and company awareness.
  • Creative Leadership
  • Embracing organisational change.
  • Seeing individual’s potential in themselves and others.
  • The customer’s mind.
  • Managing work-life integration
Keynote Speaker - Duncan William

Why use a keynote speaker over other forms of entertainment or act?

A keynote speaker is perfect to retain the professionalism of the day and is the perfect way to reinforce messages using and ‘outside’ professional. The adds extra weight to the pre-delivered or introduced elements of the day.

Alternatively, with no customisation, a keynote speaker can encourage your team or guests to think differently, be inspired, enthused or taken back to that infantile state of astonishment. Duncan can also provide supporting slides, and materials to support his keynote speech.

keynote speaker and digital magician