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The UK’s leading iPad magician

If you have been searching for something unique, contemporary and highly visual then hiring Duncan as the iPad magician for your event may be the perfect choice. Duncan can also be hired for product launches, trade shows, conferences and award ceremonies.

Duncan is ushering a new era of magic which combines traditional sleight of hand and conjuring techniques and integrating them with technology to create something fresh and exciting. Together with his team of app developers, Duncan is pushing the boundaries of magic using the latest generation of iPads, iPhones, Tablet computers and Android devices. Duncan has also begun working on augmented reality routines, drones and several iOS devices at once to create bespoke magic for some of the worlds leading and most recognisable brands. If you are looking for something customisable for your brand, eye-popping for your clients or are wanting something unique created for a marketing video, trade show, or private event, then get in touch with Duncan to see how he can help.

What is iPad magic?

iPad magic is a sophisticated fusion between expert sleight of hand and cutting edge technology. There are two elements to iPad magic. Firstly, the device to be used and secondly the kind of magic performed. With technology evolving and advancing almost on a daily basis, there has never been a time with so many digital devices on the market. Although Duncan primarily uses iPad’s and iPhone’s to create mysteries, wonder and jaw-dropping miracles, he does also use other tech devices and tailors each performance to the client’s requirements.

Recently Duncan was hired by Huwawei to promote the launch of their new Huwawei Mate 20 phone. Unlike an iPhone, android devices use different operating systems. As a result, Duncan and his tech team crafted some bespoke apps and new handlings of magic to incorporate the Huwawei android device. He then created a signature piece for all the delegates to get involved in, using their devices too – resulting in a WOW! moment and party finale incorporating the newly launched mobile phone.

Duncan customised his apps for our event. Using our logos and promo material he performed some incredible tech magic for us. 100% recommended!” Huwawei

Since this launch, Duncan has gone on to advance his skill set and regularly uses tablets and android devices not on the iOS operating system at events and private parties around the world. But it’s not just iPhones, iPads, tablets and android devices where Duncan displays his commonly known ‘iPad magic’. He has been pushing the boundaries of technology and magic fusion for the last 10 years. Subsequently, he has gone on to develop bespoke magic using drones and augmented reality technology.

Using motion commands on windows or android operating systems, Duncan can achieve many of the core principles of magic and mind reading, integrating technology into his performances. This allows him to create more and more bespoke, never-seen-before iPad magic.

Using the combination of magic and digital technology, he is able to vanish objects from the phone and reappear then in either his hand or the spectators hand. This is known as vanishing and production. He can incorporate teleportation into his act. This is where an object moves from one place to another – often from the iPad to a different place or vice versa. Penetration is another magical effect which features in Duncan’s act; making an object visibly pass through the iPad or android device. Fifthly, Duncan has in the past, included levitation of the iPad into his performance at the request of the client and also some restoration effects.

An example of a restoration effect, here may include restoring the perfect structure of a Rubik’s cube underneath the camera of a iPad. Finally, Duncan uses tech magic and augmented reality to create unbelievable feats of mind reading. It is the hybrid of mind reading and technology, that showcases the tangible technology in our digital age and also the technology of our mind, and begs the question to which is more superior in 2020!

“Unbelievable iPad magic! He made predictions, pulled out tennis balls, money, business cards and lights. Astonishing and highly visual. Book him now!David Seaman

In fact Arthur. C Clarke wrote: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” This is the point we have reached.

Some examples of Duncan’s unique and exciting iPad magic have been detailed above. Other examples may include pulling a tennis ball or wrist watch out of Ebay, Amazon or other online retailer websites. Other examples of what iPad magic is, include taking a Skype call with a friend and pulling objects out of their hand whilst on the phone. Duncan goes on to interact with them, and the person on the other end is seen to take objects off of him. This magic is truly cutting edge and unique to Duncan.

Duncan is both a master of his magic craft, but also highly experienced in creating magic apps for both his performances and clients. As a result, you can be assured that the magic you see performed by Duncan will rarely have been performed by any other iPad magicians. Duncan is one of the few pioneers of this exciting and futuristic art form and your guests can be assured that they are in no doubt as to what iPad magic is at the end of the event!

Close up iPad magician

Duncan is frequently hired as a close up iPad magician to showcase his unique skills in the close up environment. His act is extremely versatile and interactive, which makes it a perfect ice-breaker at drinks receptions. Here Duncan introduces himself to guests and shows them some highly visual magic combining the aforementioned sleight of hand with technology skills. The creates a really buzz and fun atmosphere and is a perfect way to help guests to relax. Duncan’s warm and friendly personality allows him to quickly integrate himself with guests, in turn, introducing them to one another. My time the guests come to sit down for dinner, they have been introduced to one another and are armed with a unique talking point to take to the dinner table. This certainly sets the tone of the events.

Duncan is often hired as an iPad magician in London or Birmingham and internationally to mix and mingle between guests through dinner too. This is another popular close up option as it takes the pressure of the waiting staff and is a great way to break up the dinner proceedings.

Close up iPad magic is magic performed right under your guests eyes and noses. It uses a few of your guests to feel the digital magic in their own hands too.  Tech magic felt in their own hands is the most powerful.

Duncan’s iPad magic is even more unique as he has developed several routines which can include the participants own iPhone, tablet or iPad. He also has a few close up iPad magic routines which include all of the guests at once. Whether they are simply watching or actively participating you can be guaranteed that your guests will be enjoying something ground breaking and fun.

In the close up arena, Duncan can also tailor his routines to integrate your brand, logo or corporate identity. You can read more about this below.

iPad magician Madrid
Close up iPad illusionist
Stage iPad magician
Stage digital illusionist

Stage iPad magician and digital illusionist

Stage iPad magician. If you are really looking for a WOW piece for your event which is highly visual, unique and cutting edge, then Duncan’s highly acclaimed stage iPad magic act may be what you and your guests would love to experience.

Duncan is a consummate showman without the brashness of some entertainers. His warm and engaging personality make your guests, delegates or attendees feel both at ease and very much wanting to take part in the digital magic itself. In fact they can do.

Some of Duncan’s signature pieces include involving all of the audience to use their own phones to make collective and extremely fair decisions. Duncan proceeds to show how ethical hacking works and how block chains can be created using his skills as a stage illusionist.

So what is stage iPad magic and how does it differ close up iPad magic? 

In a similar vein to close up iPad magic, Duncan uses some of the similar sleights of hand to produce a highly visual feast. However, here, the effects are a lot bigger. Pulling an iPhone, fish or deck of cards out of the tablet is big enough to be seen by everyone. His act here, also has much more of a narrative or story.

Rather than just one digital trick after the next, you and your team can settle back and watch a seamless, and polished visual performance which can range for a signature 5 minute piece to his feature act of 40 minutes. You’ll find audience participation if you want it and is perfect for an international crowd as any instructions are very clear and simple and the visual elements of the digital magic is understood by everyone.

Bespoke iPad magic

An iPad or tablet, is now as ubiquitous as a phone, passport or knife and fork. As a result everyone can relate to the magic much more. Duncan can also tailor bespoke magic for you or your client (if you are an agency).

In the past he has designed bespoke magic for the launch of new products, to communicate sales messages and to reinforce the company brand. Duncan has recently starting developing new routines using drones, artificial intelligence and augmented reality as well as showcasing ethical hacking techniques and more.

Duncan and his team are experts in creating apps to combine with expert sleight of hand to create some truly compelling and innovative magic.

Furthermore, Duncan and his team use video technology and combine this with masterful editing techniques and special effects manipulation to create an even more cutting edge product. Not only that, but hiring Duncan as a stage iPad magician will guarantee the success of your event and leave your delegates or guests questioning their own reality and what part of Duncan was real and what was magic.

Duncan has represented major companies around the globe including Huwawei, Uber, Nutanix, Speedo, Coca Cola, Specsavers as well as several lesser known technology companies and cyber security teams.

Using his creativity and skills with technology, iOS and android operating systems, Duncan has create some truly unique branded shows for these clients, many whom have asked for him to return the following year after year.

If you are wanting something to be in-keeping with your brand, rather than an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all form of entertainment that Duncan would love to work with you to help you create something, fresh, innovative and in-line for your company ethos and culture.

bespoke iPad magic
iPad Magician in Madrid
Duncan performing with an iPad

The top 10 reasons to hire an iPad magician for your event, party or trade show:

  1. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
  2. Warm, engaging personality
  3.  Bespoke Digital Magic, Tailored for your event,
  4.  Contemporary, cutting edge magic UNIQUE to The Cyber Magician,
  5.  Can offer both a close up and stage performance solution for your event,
  6. Over 15 years live, performing experience,
  7. Reviewed and recommended by hundreds of satisfied clients (please ask),
  8. Professional approach to ensuring your event achieves it’s success,
  9. Public Liability Insured up to £1,000,000,
  10. Member of Equity (professional entertainers body).

How to get in touch with Duncan, The iPad magician:

Hiring Duncan William as the iPad magician for your event is extremely easy. Follow the contact the cyber magician button at the top of the page and fill out the contact form. Alternatively, give him a call or drop him an email. Ultimately, Duncan aims to reply within the hour. He will talk you through his availability, a quote, and how he can customise his act for your event.